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TNA waving the white flag at No Surrender, reschedules Sting vs. Flair for TV

Almost twenty years in the business and Vince Russo still can't book a tournament that makes sense.  That's some talent!  Via <a href=""></a>
Almost twenty years in the business and Vince Russo still can't book a tournament that makes sense. That's some talent! Via

TNA management have waved the white flag on their next PPV event No Surrender.  As reports, with just eight days left before the show, they've rescheduled the biggest match planned for the PPV, Sting vs. Ric Flair, to the Impact TV tapings the following day:

The Ric Flair vs. Sting match will not be on the PPV on 9/11, but has been moved to the TV taping in Orlando on 9/12, for airing on 9/15.

Making sense of what TNA does is a foolhardy exercise, but I guess the change is because they want to shoot a big angle during the match to set up next month's Bound For Glory PPV main event (long rumoured to be Hulk Hogan vs. Sting), which has been pushed as TNA's biggest show of the year, their WrestleMania, since its inception in 2005.  For such a key angle they would want as many eyeballs as possible watching, so it would have to be done on TV.  Perfectly logical, but why didn't they realise that sooner?  Now, they're left scrambling to find a new main event for No Surrender.

Only four matches have been announced for the show so far, none of which are particularly appealing:

Bound For Glory series: Bully Ray vs. James Storm

Bound For Glory series: Robert Roode vs. Gunner

Matt Morgan vs. Samoa Joe

X Division Title match: Brian Kendrick vs. Austin Aries

The final two matches for the Bound For Glory series could have meant something, as that tournament started off intriguingly, but it descended into the usual TNA overbooked illogical nonsense with unbeaten points leader Crimson being taken out of the series after being injured in the storylines by a disgruntled Samoa Joe.  That's not to mention how Gunner has lost 12 times in the tournament, but he's still in the final four as he's had significantly more matches than anyone else in the competition.

What all this means is that TNA is bound for failure with No Surrender.  It looks guaranteed to set new lows for TNA's PPV business.  Hardcore Justice only did about 7,500 buys and that was with a properly hyped up main event between Sting and Kurt Angle.

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