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Filed under: lists top 'Legends of the Fall' number 10: Cody Rhodes (Video) is back at its "List This!" ways and the focus of its latest effort is the top 10 "Legends of the Fall." No, not the season, but the fall from grace for 10 elite superstars of the ring. Kayfabe aside, the focus of the series is on 10 superstars making a star turn with a hot angle or program.

First up at number 10 is Cody Rhodes, as shown in the above video. The second generation superstar got his big push as a member of Legacy but once he was given a singles run and drafted to Smackdown, he needed a gimmick and a persona to get over with. He got one in the form of a modern day narcissist who would go by the name "Dashing." He was given the full treatment, with vignettes airing on Smackdown showing Rhodes giving grooming tips.

Throughout this process, Rhodes was overly protective of his face, which naturally led to a match with Rey Mysterio in which he got his nose broken (storyline) and now wears a mask to cover up his imperfections. While this may sound a bit cheesy, it's actually added a sort of edge to Rhodes as a heel that he was severely missing before and he's about as over as he's ever been. The gimmick has continued to grow with Rhodes "bagging" his opponents and sometimes members of the crowd because it covers up their imperfections.

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