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Rey Mysterio says he may need another knee surgery

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In unfortunate news, perpetually ailing WWE superstar Rey Mysterio says he might need to undergo a second surgery on his oft injured knee:

"Might need surgery #2 on my knee this week, need to go back in & reinforce the pcl ( Posterior ligament) Shouldn't b bad,hopefully!1 luv 619."

This one isn't as bad as the last, which was already scheduled to keep him out of action for a number of months, and possibly be devastating to the remainder of his career as a performer, but it's troubling nonetheless.

Mysterio, already on borrowed time with knees that have been worked on no less than six times throughout his tenure in the professional wrestling business, was injured unnecessarily on Raw back in August when he performed a baseball slide in a match with Alberto Del Rio.

WWE was panned at the time for allowing him to work the match because, as it turned out, he already had a torn ACL and MCL beforehand. Still, he was allowed to go ahead with the match so he could challenge for the title in a heavily promoted match in his hometown of San Diego in the main event of a show that ultimately meant nothing.

He could -- and should have -- held back during the match, of course, but the reality is that he never should have been allowed to perform in the first place. But, hey, what's a knee surgery or six, right?

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