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WWE Hell in a Cell 2011 match card -- Updated after Raw

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WWE Hell in a Cell will take place this Sun., Oct. 2, 2011, at the New Orleans Arena in New Orleans, Louisiana. This just two weeks after the company's last pay-per-view offering, Night of Champions, which took place on Sept. 18.

Now that the Raw go-home show is in the books (live blog here, reactions here), we have a few more matches to the add to the official event line-up. Here's how the card looks now with just Smackdown left to air before the show:

-- John Cena vs. CM Punk vs. Alberto Del Rio for the WWE championship in a Hell in a Cell match

Right now, it looks entirely possible they'll change the title to Del Rio for the tour through Mexico and another attempt to pop a solid rating on Raw but the smart money is still on Cena retaining. Sadly enough, there are very few scenarios that see Punk walking out of here with the title. It's disgusting how poorly he's been booked since Money in the Bank. Of course, I assume Miz and R-Truth will show up to crash the party in some capacity, so I suppose that will be how they "protect" Punk for another pay-per-view loss.

-- Mark Henry vs. Randy Orton for the world heavyweight championship in a Hell in a Cell match

This one confounds me, not because the match makes no sense, but rather the build to the rematch has been almost completely nonexistent. Orton hasn't been on Raw for the last two weeks and his match with Cody Rhodes on Smackdown last week generated enough buzz that WWE officials were reportedly thinking of setting up a small feud between the two to capitalize on it further. Henry still looks great as the champion and I would hope he goes over again here.

-- Kelly Kelly vs. Beth Phoenix for the Diva's championship

I see no reason for Kelly to hold onto the title other than to continue screwing with Phoenix, for whatever reason. Oddly enough, on commentary during Raw last night, Jim Ross uttered the following: "Finally, Beth Phoenix gets her chance at the Diva's title on Sunday at Hell in a Cell." Uh ... what? That's how flat this feud is. They didn't let Beth win in her hometown at Night of Champions, I assume she goes over here.

-- Christian vs. Sheamus

They've done a phenomenal job building Sheamus into a babyface who has actually caught on quite well, at least with the live crowds. They cheer Cena each week, though, so how much can be said for that? Christian is still a top notch heel and the dynamic between the two has been solid if unspectacular.

Smackdown, which is taped tonight, will provide us with a few more matches to round out the card, which, as of now, might as well be the same as Night of Champions two weeks ago.

Look good to you, Cagesiders?

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