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WWE considering Booker T return to active wrestling role

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When Booker T was brought back into the fold at WWE, most felt it was only a matter of time before he was inserted into an active wrestling role, despite his age (46).

He was initially brought back at the beginning of the year and entered the Royal Rumble for a cheap thrill and a nice pop. He was given his time to shine, including a sweet spin-a-rooni, before being eliminated and quickly relegated to the role of former wrestler turned commentator on Smackdown, replacing Matt Striker.

He wrestled once on Raw, back in June in a throwaway match with Jack Swagger, but he's generally stuck to ringside and developed his voice as a commentator. He's actually become quite the character, fast earning the designation of a great wrestler that has the chops to carry an announce team led by Michael Cole.

Now it would seem WWE is getting restless with the lack of forward movement on its Smackdown brand and is considering inserting Booker T as a wrestler into a feud or two on the show. Here's the word from Wrestling Observer:

Right now there is talk of Booker T coming back to wrestle in a short program on Smackdown similar to how Raw uses Jerry Lawler.

I'm not sure where he would fit into any of the current feuds on the show, if any. I suppose they could use him for the upcoming power struggle, as a commentator that could act as muscle for whichever side they so choose. That would actually be interesting.

It's nice, too, that Booker is in shape enough, even at 46-years-old, that they wouldn't need to worry so much about legitimately injuring him like they do a 61-year-old Lawler in the event they forget to gimmick a table or two.

Can you dig it ... sucka?

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