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WWE no longer airing 'Superstars' online thanks to low traffic

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WWE Superstars will reportedly no longer air on the company's website thanks to low traffic. The show used to air on WGN before making the move to the Internet and now, oblivion.

Indeed, this past Thursday night's episode never showed up online and all mentions of the show have been seemingly removed from the website.

Superstars hasn't been cancelled, per se, as it will continue to be taped in at its normal time and will be kept alive thanks to international deals but it will no longer appear online.

WWE Network can't get here soon enough.

While Superstars isn't exactly a hotbed for meaningful action, it definitely serves a good purpose. Lesser known wrestlers who are still green and aren't ready for the big stage but shouldn't exactly be delegated to FCW can ply their craft and be seen by a larger audience to grow their profile while they improve in the ring.

No, they're not getting exposure like Raw superstars each week, but it's better than no exposure at all.

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