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TNA Impact spoilers: Did Hulk Hogan retire and is his match with Sting still on for Bound for Glory?

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TNA taped a couple more Impact shows last night in Knoxville, Tennessee, that will air on Oct. 6 and 13 in the lead-up to the company's biggest pay-per-view of the year, Bound for Glory, which is set for Oct. 16 in Philadelphia.

That event was supposed to feature Hulk Hogan vs. Sting in a match they've been building to for roughly two years but have really put the promotional push on for the past few weeks.

This all came into a bit of doubt when Hogan started tweeting that he would be retiring from the business and his ceremony would be held in Knoxville at the tapings that took place last night. His contract coming up later this year, as well as backstage rumblings that he's positioning himself to skip town when it does, had many thinking this could have been legitimate. Not to mention, how can he really have a match at all at his age and with his surgically strung together body?

Spoilers are out and we now know the angle TNA is pushing. Read it after the jump.

In short, no Hogan is not retiring and yes, his match with Sting at Bound for Glory is still happening. Here's how they get there (via Wrestling Observer):

For the show to air on Oct. 6, Hogan reportedly came out to a huge pop and cut an emotional promo stating that when he woke up that day, he knew it would be the last day of his career. The crowd treated it as such and started chanting, "Thank you, Hogan." Upon hearing this, the "Hulkster" apparently really hammed it up and starting crying before saying it's finally time to put Hulkamania to rest.


Buuuuuut, hold on just a minute. Sting hits the ring wearing a red suit complete with a Hulkamania t-shirt. He voices what everyone is thinking and tells Hogan that no one is buying the retirement schtick. Hulk keeps pushing that he really is done and it's all over. Sting has an ace in the hole, though, and provides evidence to the contrary.

They show secret video of Hogan backstage talking with Eric Bischoff talking about getting one over on the fans in Tennessee. They reveal that the retirement was just a ploy to get the fans to buy merchandise, at which point Hogan goes crazy and tells Sting if he wants a match, he's got it. Sting, of course, accepts and the match is, once again, back on.

At the next taping for the show to air on Oct. 13, the two had a contract signing. Sting continued to sport the Hulkamania colors, which visually annoyed Hogan. The "Stinger" signed the contract without speaking and slid it over to Hulk so he could do the same. After looking it over and putting pen to paper, Hogan tossed aside the table and cut a promo on Sting. Somehow this led to them shaking hands.

Bischoff came out to distract Sting and Hogan blasted him with a chair. He continued to work Sting over for a while, beating him down both inside and outside the ring. This is how they ended the show to lead into the pay-per-view where they will have their match.

Shocking as it may be, TNA is actually going to go ahead with letting Hogan wrestle and he's actually going to risk his health and well being to take a few more unnecessary bumps.

But hey, at least he won't be doing any spots off the top rope, right?

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