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The Miz cuts promo on Triple H and WWE on fantasy football radio show

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Yes, this is Miz extending the storyline to a radio show he's now co-hosting called "First and Awesome," which is actually a fantasy football show.

That didn't stop him from keeping the work going and cutting a big promo on Triple H and his role as COO after his "firing" on Raw this past Monday night:

"Here's my question to everybody: what's going to happen now with Triple H? How's Triple H been doing as the COO? Since Triple H has been the COO there's been two WWE champions -- at the same time -- CM Punk and John Cena, then Alberto Del Rio comes in and cashes in Money in the Bank. Nothing has been good since WWE has had Triple H as the COO. It's been chaos, it's been mayhem; now he throws the two biggest and brightest stars out on a limb. Let's talk about why we were thrown out. We came back and we apologized. We were sincere. We said, 'We are sorry that we beat up a referee. We apologize.' Did we not look sorry when we were there on Monday night Raw? Then he said he accepted our apology and charged us $250,000 as a fine. $250,000! I think that's a little steep in my mind, in anybody's mind, in America's mind, especially in this economy. But at least now I don't have to pay the $250,000 fine (and) that's the stupidest thing I've ever seen. He just lost out on $500,000 to his company! That's got to be one of the stupidest things a COO could possibly have done."

We know Miz and R-Truth aren't really fired and they'll be back on TV sooner rather than later. But it's always good to keep our finger on the pulse of what they're doing, even outside the confines of the squared circle.

What's more, I love that Miz actually had it in him to draw attention to how utterly ridiculous it was for Triple H to storyline fine them that much money and then turn around and fire them before they actually had to theoretically pay it. Little things like that are a big help to his cause and make me much more a fan of his work.

What do you think, Cagesiders? Grade Miz's promo. B+ maybe? A- even?

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