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Video: Jeff Jarrett reveals Hulk Hogan's retirement ceremony at Knoxville TNA tapings for show to air on Oct. 6

Well, since Hulk Hogan was already on Twitter giving away spoilers for his pending "retirement ceremony" at the TNA Impact tapings going down tonight (Sept. 21) in Knoxville, everybody can talk about it. In that vein, Jeff Jarrett did an interview with a local NBC affiliate to promote the show and made mention of the storyline. We're still not sure if it's a storyline or legitimate but all indications point to the fact that it's not.

Despite all this, TNA was still advertising Hogan as wrestling Sting at Bound for Glory in a match they've been building to for almost two full years since the "Hulkster" made his way to the company. It would be odd, to say the least, if they bailed on the match at the last minute.

Of course, that would be the most responsible thing to do considering how frail Hogan's body is after all these years taking bumps.

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