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You mad? Vince McMahon reportedly pissed off at Raw on Sept. 19 in Cleveland

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If you're a new reader to the site and aren't completely familiar with all the goings on in professional wrestling, there is one thing you must always remember when dealing with WWE: Vince McMahon is god. Think of him like you would the President of the United States. He doesn't have total and complete power but he's largely viewed as the leader of the free world.

Another thing you should know about McMahon is that, for all intents and purposes, he's basically a mad man. There are many tall tales surrounding his inability to control his wild and long-ranging emotions, as well as his rampant imagination that he long ago lost the capability to reign in.

I say all that to provide some context to the following. This past Monday night's (Sept. 19) edition of Raw was a particularly problematic show. Dolph Ziggler claims he suffered a broken jaw when he was potatoed by Hugh Jackman, Mark Henry hurt Jerry Lawler's back when slamming him through an announce table that was supposed to be gimmicked but wasn't and Alberto Del Rio mentioned Vince's name on air.

Wait a minute.

Yes, that last one appears to be what had McMahon really kicking ass and taking names backstage, to the point that not even Triple H and his daughter, Stephanie McMahon, normally untouchables, were safe from his wrath. By the time the show was over, McMahon apparently called an impromptu meeting and cut a promo on the entire backstage team, blasting everyone involved in the show while reportedly really laying into road agents Dean Malenko and Arn Anderson for their part in blown segments.

This all according to the Wrestling Observer, who brought word of how exactly Lawler ended up getting injured and why Vince was so upset that his name was mentioned.

First let's get the word on the Lawler-Henry situation:

The deal with the Lawler angle is that they were going back and forth all day on whether or not to have Henry put Lawler through the announcers table. Eventually, very shortly before the show started, they made the final call that Lawler would go through the table. They were supposed to gimmick the table so it breaks easier but because it was so late, the people in charge of that got their last word that they didn't have to gimmick the table because they weren't doing the spot, and somehow they never got the word that it had changed back again. The result was, unbeknownst to both Henry and Lawler, that the table wasn't gimmicked. Lawler, at almost 62, was put through it. Lawler was injured, but not seriously and I believe he didn't go to the hospital for real.

Is it just me or does that sound like something that would happen with TNA as opposed to WWE? The reality is, Vince should be blasting people for screwing up such a thing, as it's amazing Lawler wasn't injured more than he actually was. As it is now, they dodged a bullet with his suffering from something as simple as soreness.

Henry was apparently super upset at how things played out and felt extremely bad that he was indirectly responsible for hurting an on-air talent. He's a gentle giant, after all. Which makes it even more impressive that he's done so well with his heel character.

Now onto why McMahon was upset about Del Rio mentioning his name on the air in a segment with Triple H:

Vince was in the worst mood and nobody really knew why. One person said that it was because Del Rio mentioned his name and he thought that gave away what the end result of the Laurinaitis/Nash conspiracy angle. The whole thing is, or was, as figured, to lead to Vince returning.

This is also understandable that Vince would be so upset that Del Rio essentially gave away the end result of the main event storyline they've been pushing since CM Punk cut his infamous shoot promo back in July. However, it was quite obvious to begin with, and in the Internet age, nothing is a secret for long. Not to mention, didn't we figure this out already?

Another thing to consider is how McMahon can be so angry at his writers botching a segment when he frequently requests rewrites at the very last minute only to get upset later because he forgot about said rewrite. That's not to say this is one of those instances but it happens often enough, with quite a few stories from former members of the creative team, that it should come as no surprise.

But again, Vince = insanity.

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