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Dana White clowns Triple H in response to his claims that UFC needs to evolve and WWE doesn't

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I didn't expect this in the slightest but at the UFC 135 pre-fight press conference today (Sept. 21) in Denver, someone actually asked the panel of fighters, including UFC President Dana White, how they felt about Triple H's recent comments that UFC needs to evolve while WWE does not.

After Light Heavyweight Champion Jon Jones gave a rambling and ridiculous answer, White chimed in with this gem:

"His father-in-law is just now letting him speak in public, he'll get better at it. He'll stop saying stupid sh*t soon."


What makes this really great is that White and Vince McMahon have, by all accounts, a fairly solid relationship, enough so that they've conducted various meetings in the past few years to chit-chat on matters of business and what not.

Triple H's initial critique was passed off as poppycock simply because of the source but he did have some legitimate claims. White's response, however, is just downright comical.

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