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Smackdown spoilers and spoiler free preview for Sept. 23 show in Dayton, Ohio

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Smackdown, which will air this Friday, Sept. 23, 2011, from Dayton, Ohio, was taped last night (Sept. 20), which means spoilers are available if you so fancy.

But first a short spoiler free preview:

  • Sheamus vs. Heath Slater
  • Wade Barrett vs. Justin Gabriel
  • Natalya and Beth Phoenix vs. AJ and Kaitlyn
  • Cody Rhodes vs. Randy Orton
  • Great Khali vs. Jinder Mahal
  • Sin Cara vs. Daniel Bryan
  • Mark Henry defends his title in a match set up at the beginning of the show

Let's run down how the show played out with full spoilers (via Wrestling Observer) after the jump.

-- The show kicks off with the entire roster coming to ringside. Johnny Laurinaitis makes his way out to say that he was wrong on Raw and Triple H has not lost control of the company. He's now got his full support. Henry came out to cut a promo and Triple H soon joined them. Henry refused to shake Triple H's hand but before "The Game" could speak, Christian made his way out. He campaigned for one more match for the world heavyweight title and it was granted for later in the night ... but it's a lumberjack match.

-- Sheamus went over big -- again -- this time at the expense of Heath Slater, who he barely sold for.

-- Wade Barrett def. Justin Gabriel in a short but relatively even match.

-- Natalya and Beth Phoenix def. AJ and Kaitlyn, same as always.

-- Cody Rhodes def. Randy Orton via disqualification. Orton was back to his super-angry ways, as he attacked Rhodes aggressively to convey how pissed he is that he lost the heavyweight title. At one point, Rhodes hit Orton with his mask and went for the pin but after Orton kicked out, he went insane. Just started beating Cody to death, at one point opening him up to the point that blood was all over the place. Rhodes ate two RKO's on the announce table -- that didn't break -- before Orton finally left.

-- Great Khali def. Jinder Mahal in what was apparently a blow-off to their feud. Which makes no sense, but there you have it.

-- Sin Cara def. Daniel Bryan. This one was interesting. Sin Cara Mistico started the match, botching a few moves but overall doing okay. Just as he had Bryan beat and was on the top rope to finish the job, Sin Cara Hunico came running out, pushed him off the top, gave Bryan a swanton and picked up the pin.

-- Air Boom def. The Usos in what was a nice little tag team match.

-- Mark Henry def. Christian to retain the world heavyweight title. Because it was a lumberjack match, they had various backstage skits throughout the night of Christian trying to recruit help for the match. It didn't work. They showed Henry getting tossed to the outside and absolutely blowing up all the lumberjacks, so he's being made to look VERY strong. I mean, that's more than normal. After Henry picked up the pin, precipitated by Sheamus throwing Christian into the ring to continue their budding feud, Orton came out for a staredown.

-- End show.

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