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WWE: Dolph Ziggler says Hugh Jackman broke his jaw with punch on Raw

Photo via WWE
Photo via WWE

It would seem Jerry Lawler isn't the only one who was legitimately injured on Raw this week. "The King" was put through the announcers table ringside, which was supposed to be gimmicked but wasn't, by Mark Henry, leading to a back injury.

The other unlucky superstar to fall prey to an errant blow is Dolph Ziggler, who says on Twitter that he suffered a fractured jaw thanks to Hugh Jackman's punch during his match with Zack Ryder.

"land in Bikini Bottom 9:30 am, MRI scheduled for 1 pm.....possible fractured jaw #thanksBatman ... hairline mandibular fracture. Guess i'll put my chipotle in a blender for a few weeks, its not ballet #HEEL > heal ... getting a special mouth guard tomorrow, so I will NOT miss any WWE live events!!! #HEEL."

With WWE there's always the possibility that this is a work and Ziggler is completely fine, which is at times entertaining and at times utterly maddening, but from all accounts this appears to be a legitimate injury.

Hugh Jackman wasn't playing around when he said he was going to help Ryder win that match. Don't mess with Wolverine, folks. Video of the punch is after the jump.

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