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Matt Hardy arrested again after police file charges following search of his home on Sept. 14

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Guess who got arrested again? Yes, it's Matt Hardy, who is back in the news thanks to yet another high profile arrest. This one is much worse than the previous few, however, as his home was searched by police and they found various illegal substances that will surely land him in hot water.

According to the FayObserver, Hardy is facing multiple charges, including possession of a controlled substance with intent to sell or deliver as well as maintaining a dwelling for use of drugs.

When executing the search, here's what police found: 20 vials of anabolic steroids, what amounts to one hit of ecstasy, various drug paraphernalia and $1,961 in cash. He's scheduled to appear in court on Sept. 29, one of many scheduled court appearances for the embattled former WWE and TNA superstar.

This is just another setback in a long line of legal issues for the badly troubled Hardy, who has been on a downward spiral for years and refused help at every turn. That is until recently when he finally, mercifully posted a video in which he stated he would be going to WWE sponsored rehab to get help for his myriad of drug issues. There's no word on whether or not he'll get any psychiatric care while he's in the three-month program but my hope is that he will and that it should mandated that he does.

As to whether or not the video itself is a work, my thought is that it's not. His raw emotion is as genuine as he's ever shown throughout his time in the spotlight, and considering he's a pro wrestler and not an actor, it looks obvious this thing is legitimate. Reports have surfaced to back this up as well.

Obviously, this search and seizure would seem to be the catalyst for Hardy to finally make the decision to enter rehab. While the details of his latest arrest are just now starting to trickle out, he, of course, knew about all of this beforehand and it's possible he wanted to get out ahead of the story and look as good as possible by the time it hit. This way he's not being crucified by the "dirt sheets" and instead the narrative the media is running with is that he's finally decided to enter rehab to get help.

It look an incredible amount of legal trouble to get Hardy to this point, including multiple incidents in which he was arrested for driving while intoxicated and other reports of his crashing his car on separate occasions that he wasn't charged for. Fake suicide notes, bullshit apology videos and more bizarre behavior were all a part of the past few months of Hardy's life but let's hope that's all finally come to an end now that he's in enough trouble to force his hand.

And let's hope rehab actually does what it's supposed to and gets him back to a decent place in his life so we can stop writing articles like this about him.

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