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Hulk Hogan twitter giving away TNA spoilers and putting over his pending 'retirement'

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Nothing TNA or Hulk Hogan does should surprise us at this point but this one is kind of funny. On Sept. 14, the company held tapings in Orlando for the weeks leading up to Bound for Glory, which was supposed to feature Sting vs. Hogan in a "one last battle" kind of scenario. Except it would seem those plans have changed.

Indeed, during those tapings, Hogan declared his intention to retire from pro wrestling and made sure to tease to the fans that they need to tune into the show that will be held in Knoxville, where his official retirement ceremony will take place.

Mind you, these are supposed to be spoilers. So why haven't I treated them as such? Because Hogan hasn't. Actually, he's tweeting today and putting over the big day at the Civic Coliseum for the show that will air on Oct. 6.

"Pumped up for the IMPACT tapings in Knoxville tomorrow,the formal ending to my long career,thanks maniacs. HH. Huge celebration in Knoxville tomorrow at Civic Collesium, all full time maniacs are invited,time to thank everyone and say goodbye. HH."

Is this an angle to get Hogan out of the Bound for Glory match with Sting? That would seem to be the case but it's worth noting that his contract with TNA is up this year and there have been a lot of rumblings that he's been positioning himself to skip town just as soon as that happens.

In fact, during his big speech for said "retirement," Hogan remarked that the young talents in TNA are going to have to pick up the ball and run with it. You know, after he and Eric Bischoff came in and completely destroyed the company before bailing when they couldn't get it over.

Anyone think the "Hulkster" is finally calling it quits? Or will we see him posturing for a return to WWE now that they're seemingly headed for another nWo type storyline?

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