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WWE: Jerry Lawler injured by Mark Henry world's strongest slam through announce table on Raw

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Last night on WWE Raw, World Heavyweight Champion Mark Henry did a spot with Jerry Lawler in which he punched him a few times before putting him through the announcers table with a world's strongest slam.

It looked and sounded brutal, but it's supposed to. Nothing out of the ordinary. But then Jim Ross tweeted after the show that his partner was hurting "for real."

"Tuf nite @ ofc. I'm w/ King and he hurting. Announce table unforgiving. Not sure how he's going to be. Jerry's hurting 4 real."

This being pro wrestling and all, fans weren't certain as to the legitimacy of these claims. Ross isn't known to hardcore advance storylines or stay in gimmick on his social media accounts, so the initial thought was that it was legit.

As it turns out, it was.

That's because Wrestling Observer brings word of a miscommunication with the announcers table. Apparently it was supposed to be gimmicked for the big slam spot but the technical crew forgot to do so. This led to Lawler suffering an injury to his lower back and taking a trip to the hospital.

He'll be okay, of course, but is there any doubt that Henry is a monster now? You can see the slam through the table by clicking here.

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