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Jeff Jarrett talks TNA name change, Monday Night Wars, and the six-sided ring (Video)

Plenty of bits and pieces covered in the video. Among them:

-- When asked about the name change from TNA to Impact Wrestling, Jarrett says it's a "transition period." Right now, it's a little bit of both but they're getting feedback and Impact seems to be the keyword in all this.

-- Says the decision to get rid of the six-sided ring was made by "the powers that be" when they came in. Also makes sure to say that the six-sided ring is near and dear to his heart and he absolutely had nothing to do with going to a four-sided ring.

-- Eric Young comments that he had no clue about the switch to the four-sided ring and one day he showed up for work and boom, there it was.

-- When the attempt at reigniting the Monday Night Wars comes up, Jarrett says they can't hide behind the numbers but there were a lot of factors at play. Says they never would have known had they not tried. Claims Raw being live versus TNA being taped and a huge difference in society today played a big part. Also blames Spike TV for not having as large of an audience as USA. When asked if they might try it again, Jarrett says he won't answer that because there is a different war coming that isn't even on the map yet.

-- The UFC leaving Spike TV and signing a deal with FOX will not affect TNA in any way.

Kurt Angle comes up and both Jarrett and Young put him over as one of the best pro wrestlers of all time. Jarrett is his usual self during interviews in these settings, which is to say he has his way with the interviewer, but it's an interesting watch no less.

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