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Cageside Quote: Mick Foley hoping for WWE Hall of Fame induction in 2013

Hall of Famer?
Hall of Famer?

And what better and more fitting place to do it than Madison Square Garden? In a recent interview with Monday Night Mayhem, Mick Foley talked about his desire to be inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame and how that feeling came to be while he was working for TNA:

"It actually started going through my mind. I wrote about this in the bonus chapter in 'Countdown to Lockdown.' I said the moment the WWE mentioned my book on the air, any misgivings or feelings I had just vanished. I started thinking about the (WWE) Hall of Fame and how it would be a big deal to my kids, and if they wanted me to do it, I'll do it. In a perfect world, I would get inducted in The Garden (MSG) in 2013. I'll be willing to stay of TV until 2013 just to get inducted there, but what I might do is John Laurinaitis and ask if I could do a house show, just so I could hear my music and get a pop."

I have serious doubts as to whether or not Foley could ever truly come back to WWE and stay out of the ring but he makes a compelling case in the extended interview (which you can get here). The crux of his argument is that WWE has the ability to use him in a myriad of ways that do not involve his appearing on television, whether that be working as a road agent or simply occupying a sort of "Legend" role and signing a contract to reflect as much.

My pro wrestling tainted mind can't help but imagine all the worst case scenarios and maybe even some that aren't so bad in theory but could lead to disastrous results in practice. Like bringing Foley back and inserting him as the anonymous Raw General Manager. He's occupied a similar role before and was actually extremely over during that time but my worry is that it would lead to a match and with his long history of health problems, including more concussions than he can bother to remember, that's the last thing he needs.

What are the chances Foley gets signed and immediately appears as an on-screen character? And would you like to see him in the WWE Hall of Fame come 2013?

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