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On this date in WCW history: The Giant defects and joins the nWo (Video)

He tried to warn you ... you just didn't listen.

Ted DiBiase, who went from "Million Dollar Man" in WWF to "Trillionaire Ted" in WCW, let his wallet do the talking in an effort to bolster the ranks of the New World Order (nWo).

And on this date in WCW history, "The Giant" was listening.

September 2, 1996, was another high point for both WCW and the nWo.

Bobby Heenan sells it like crazy, the crowd eats it up and Paul Wight cuts a great, two-part promo (amidst a few "face" run-ins) before spitting on the WCW sign.

"I got a phone call, when I was sitting at home in my modest house. Ted DiBiase called me and he said, 'I wanna talk to you about business, can you fly to Florida?' I said, 'Yes, I can! Because I am about business!' I walked into a 25,000 square foot home, the home of Hulk Hogan! When I walked into his house, there wasn't one Harley Davidson in the garage, there were 20 Harley Davidsons! There wasn't one Mercedes, there were five Mercedes! A couple of Vipers, I walked around his big home and got dizzy."

I know there's scuttlebutt of an nWo resurrection in the WWE, but they can't replicate this kind of heat. Here's to hoping they don't even try.

Any Cagesiders out there think they should?

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