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WWE Hell in a Cell main event announced on Raw tonight (Sept. 19)

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With there being such a quick turnaround between pay-per-views, WWE was going to have to be quick in announcing the main event for the upcoming Hell in a Cell event, which is scheduled to take place on Oct. 2, just two weeks from now, in New Orleans, Louisiana.

So, of course, tonight (Sept. 19) on Raw in Cleveland, a double main event was booked for the show. The two match-ups are:

- John Cena vs. CM Punk vs. Alberto Del Rio in a triple threat Hell in a Cell match for the WWE championship
- Mark Henry vs. Randy Orton in a Hell in a Cell match for the world heavyweight championship

Triple H announced that both Del Rio and Punk deserved their rematches for the title so he was throwing them all in together for the first ever triple threat inside the cage. Jim Ross later announced that Orton was invoking his rematch clause in a simple storyline to have another match with Henry but in a different setting.

So far, it looks like a damn good card and I'm already sold. How about you?

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