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WWE Raw results and live blog for Sept. 19 show guest starring Hugh Jackman in Cleveland

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WWE Raw Supershow (still calling it that) will take place tonight, Sept. 19, 2011, from the Quicken Loans Arena in Cleveland, Ohio, at 9 p.m. ET on USA.

It's the first show since the events of Night of Champions, which took place last night (Sept. 17) in Buffalo, New York. This is also the show in which Hollywood hit-maker Hugh Jackman will guest star to help promote his upcoming film, Real Steel, a movie about robots boxing.

No, that's not a joke nor a typo.

The live blog with all the results will kick off tonight at 9 p.m. ET, so be sure to come back to join us here at Cageside Seats while we enjoy the show ... hopefully.

See you then, Cagesiders.


Geno here ready to roll.

Broadcast is live.

Michael Cole has his voice back, unfortunately, and he opens the show saying tonight is the fallout from Night of Champions. CM Punk opens the show to a thunderous pop in Cleveland. He comes out limping and walking terribly slow with wrapping around his elbow. Jim Ross is back in the booth and he's putting over how insane Night of Champions was last night. He says Punk was having a great match with Triple H until "the floodgates opened."

Got that right.

Punk grabs a mic and off we go. He starts talking about how the Quicken Loans Arena hasn't been kind to him throughout his career. He's complaining of his bad luck. Cole makes sure to interrupt him and say, "boo-hoo." Hi, Vince.

Punk says R-Truth and The Miz were right, there is a conspiracy here in WWE. It's not the one those two goons are talking about but there is a conspiracy. "This one involves.."

Cue Triple H's music and he gets a GIGANTIC pop. Again, upstaging Punk with it. Punk says, "I was not done." Triple H is walking out in a suit looking right as rain. Not selling anything at all from the night before. This is why we love Punk and hate "The Game." But hey, this guy no-selled death once, so this is nothing new.

Music stops and the crowd is eating this up. Triple H says he gives Punk credit because he's every bit as beat up as Punk. Then why is Punk limping and you're not, Trips? Says the fact remains, he's still COO so he's going to do his day job. In two weeks is Hell in a Cell. Says John Cena won the title last night and the crowd pops for that. Have some respect for yourself, Cleveland. Trips says Alberto Del Rio deserves his rematch. He then says Punk deserves the rematch that he never received either. For the first time ever, a triple threat Hell in a Cell match at the pay-per-view between Cena, Punk and Del Rio.

Now that that's over, Triple H tells Punk to get it through his thick head that there is no conspiracy. Trips has no problem going back to war with Punk right now if he can't get it through his thick head. Punk says he's got no problem with doing that too, but a boatload of people would get involved. Put your tie back on, Game, nothing happening tonight.

Punk's pride is hurt. He says it's obvious somebody is playing the both of them. It wasn't Triple H. Someone just used the issues they have between each other. Says it involves someone a little bit higher up on the ladder. Hi again, Vince. Punk keeps talking but Johnny Laurinaitis comes out and says this has gone too far. Now he says there's a conspiracy but he thinks Punk is a part of it. Tells Triple H not to believe anything Punk says and he's just upset because he couldn't beat Trips.

Punk says he figured it all out. Laurinaitis thinks he deserves to be COO and Punk says he's the one responsible for sending Miz and R-Truth out and also employed Kevin Nash to do all these things. Johnny Ace outright says Triple H has lost control of the show. Says he won't be disrespected by Punk because he works for Laurinaitis. Which is where Triple H comes in and says Johnny works for him. Then claims he's not sure where this is going but he'll get to the bottom of it.

Laurinaitis then fires Punk. Trips immediately says, "Hold on a second, you're not fired." Triple H again says he's going to get to the bottom of everything and by the end of the night, somebody is going to get fired. End segment.

They show Henry winning the title and say he's doing an interview with Ross tonight before plugging an eight-man tag match between superstars of both Raw and Smackdown.

Commercial break.

Back from break and all the tag members are already in the ring.

Air Boom, Justin Gabriel and Sheamus vs. Christian, Wade Barrett, David Otunga and Michael McGillicutty -- Babyfaces take the early advantage before McGillicutty turns the tide and starts working over Bourne. Otunga tags in and they team up for a big lariat. Straight body slam that Otunga uses to act tough. Barrett tags in and hits a backbreaker. On commentary Cole interrupts Ross and apologizes. How bout some consistency, fellas. Brief babyface comeback fails quick and Otunga gets cocky, which leads to Bourne tagging out to Sheamus, who runs roughshod upon coming in the ring. Huge backbreaker gets two after Barrett and McGillicutty interrupt. Now everyone is in the ring. Kofi hits a crossbody off the top rope. Christian teases a spear but hits a big boot from Sheamus. Otunga then takes the Brogue kick and starts calling for the Celtic Cross. He hits it on Otunga and gets the clean pinfall while Christian looks on from the outside.

That was a super weird way to use the tag champs one night after a pay-per-view in which they retained their titles in less than desirable circumstances. They basically used that segment to get Sheamus over.

Triple H is in the back and a referee is saying all the refs are scared for their safety because of Miz and Truth. Del Rio shows up and says Trips is the worst COO in history. "Are you insanse?", he asks. ADR says he needs to rest for his big match and that he prays for Mr. McMahon to come back to run this place again. Trips tells him to keep praying and that he's been inside Hell in a Cell and Del Rio will need all the prayers he can take.

Commercial break.

They promote coming back from break and then jump into a segment with Del Rio. Ricardo Rodriguez will introduce him. He rides out in another sweet car that Cena will surely tell us ADR doesn't know anything about. Looks like he's just going to have a match instead of cutting a promo. HA. Time to pump him back up by giving him a good match against ...

John Morrison vs. Alberto Del Rio -- Del Rio immediately attacks like a savage and he's just beating the ever loving crap out of Morrison. That is until John counters with a head kick. Del Rio turns it around quick with a neckbreaker. Quickly locks in an armbar an Morrison taps really fast. Del Rio won't let go as the referee frantically tries to pull him off.

Dear WWE, having Del Rio smack around mid-card jobbers does nothing for him if you book him to look like a complete clown against the main eventers. Whatever, I guess I'll take it how I can get it.

Hugh Jackman is apparently coming up next.

Commercial break.

Jackman comes out to some solid cheers. He's going crazy. Big goofy smile on his face and he even runs the ropes. Unsurprisingly, he does so better than Kelly Kelly. Says he's super excited and it's better hosting Raw than the Oscars. He's using his accent and plugging the shit out of his movie. Interrupted by Vickie Guerrero, who is back with the "EXCUSE ME!" schtick.

Gets in the ring and starts flirting with Jackman. Says she's his biggest fan. Calls him the sexiest man alive and turns him around to look at his ass. Says she's sure he'll agree that she's the hottest WWE diva. Crowd boos the hell out of her. Introduces Dolph Ziggler as the hottest WWE champion. Ziggler starts cutting a promo on him and mistakes him for Christian Bale with references to Bale's berating folks on movie sets. Ha. Jackman asks if Ziggler is staring him down. Ziggler responds by saying, "Are you getting hypnotized? Are you confused?" That was good.

Says Cleveland is the town of underdogs and underdogs is just another word for loser. Jackman says he loves an underdog. He's going to go back and find the biggest underdog in the locker room and he'll help him humiliate Ziggler tonight.

The crowd starts chanting for Zack Ryder. Jackman goes out and gets a sign and brings it into the ring that says Ryder > Wolverine. Then his music hits and he awkwardly runs out of the ring.

They show Miz and R-Truth pulling up and the crowd pops. Miz is at home here. Laurinaitis comes up and says Triple H wants to see them. They apologize for putting Laurinaitis in a bad spot and he tells them to let him know how the meeting goes.


Commercial break.

Back from break and they show the segment from Smackdown with the two Sin Cara's. And now here comes one of them and it's Mistico Sin Cara, which you can tell because he looks so much more fit. The announcers call him the original Sin Cara. He'll have a match with Cody Rhodes, who comes out with the paper bags.

Sin Cara vs. Cody Rhodes -- Wait, before the match can start, Hunico Sin Cara comes out. The announcers start confusing the two. Hunico is the bigger of the two and they're circling each other while pandering for the crowd. The fans cheer for Mistico over Hunico. They start going at it trading spots and neither of them blow the first few. Mistico sends Hunico out and he clutches at his stomach while backing out. Nicely done.

Cut to the back and Triple H is getting coffee. Miz and Truth show up and Miz says it's all on him. He shouldn't have put his hands on a ref and he's sorry for interfering in his match. He knows Triple H isn't a part of the conspiracy. Truth apologizes too. To Triple H and the WWE Universe. Calls him Trips. Well done, Truth. Says they think Triple H is doing a hell of a job as COO and again, they're sorry.

I'm puking right now.

Triple H says he accepts their apology but since they decided to put their hands on an official they've both been fined $250,000 for touching an official. Get out of here before they're fired. Stops them and says they're going to have a match tonight. Sets it up. Cena and Punk vs. Miz and Truth.

Henry interview coming up next.

Commercial break.

Back from break and they show the still-shots of Henry beating Orton last night for the world heavyweight championship. They show Teddy Long walking out of the arena and Ross in the ring. Ross tells us Orton has invoked his rematch clause and they'll have the match at Hell in a Cell. Out comes Henry.

Ross kicks off the interview with Henry by talking about the naysayers. Henry says, "what, like you're not one of them?" Crowd giving Henry the "WHAT!?!?" treatment. He's handling it well. Showing off his belt and saying ain't no man going to take it from him. Now he's telling Ross that he never believed in him. And he wants Ross to apologize for the crowd and then he wants Ross to apologize to him.

HA. Ross pulls the mic from him and Henry tells him "don't you pull the microphone from me." Tells Ross he was real high on him but he was injury prone and everybody gave up on him. Says his belt says everything he needs it to. Ross apologizes and Henry grabs him up. Ross sells big and starts screaming that Henry is hurting him. "This is where you beg for your life." Lawler gets in the ring and asks Henry to stop. Tells him it took all these years to win the title, now he's done it. No reason to take it out on Ross. Henry lets him go but turns on Lawler now. Grabs Lawler up and tells him he's going to take Ross's place. Lawler gets a couple punches in but Henry doesn't sell at all and drops Lawler. Picks him up and gives him the world's strongest slam.


Henry paces a bit before dragging Lawler outside the ring. Goes over to the announce table and starts taking the monitors out and removing the cover. Throws Lawler over it. Henry picks him up and puts him through the table with a world's strongest slam. Damn, he made that look strong. I wasn't the biggest fan of that move until just now.

Henry walks away and the fans that are close to him legitimately look scared. God this guy is money. He picks up his title and walks out mean mugging the crowd. They start a "You suck!" chant but it doesn't pick up much steam. Probably because half the crowd is too busy shitting their pants.

Commercial break.

They come back putting Henry over as the monster he is and Josh Matthews is now out to take over commentary. Lawler was being helped to the back while they were putting Henry over. I hear music for women so I'm bailing out to take a piss.

Kelly Kelly and Eve vs. Beth Phoenix and Natalya -- The announcers spend the first few minutes of the match continuing to put over Henry. Once they finally get around to talking about the women, Eve rolls up Natalya for the pinfall. How many weeks in a row have we seen that same finish? How many in a row has anyone cared?

Hugh Jackman in the back talking to Zack Ryder. Holy shit, Jackman is burying Ryder. Called him pathetic before saying he's perfect and enthusiastically running off with him.

Commercial break.

Back from break with another dumb "Did you know?" graphic. John Cena has over eight million Facebook fans, which is more than a huge list of recognizable stars. Fitting enough, they start the list with The Rock. That's building heat right there, folks.

They shill for Jackman's "Real Steel" movie, which looks like a complete piece of trash, and Ziggler is already in the ring when they come back. Ryder comes out and Jackman is with him wearing a Broski headband. Cole immediately starts burying Ryder by calling him an "Internet geek."

Dolph Ziggler vs. Zack Ryder -- Ryder starts it off looking for a surprise pinfall but Ziggler kicks out. He gets some offense in before Ziggler turns the tide and starts stomping him. He makes sure to yell at Jackman on the outside before picking up Ryder and giving him a neckbreaker. Ziggler goes back to yelling at Jackman and Ryder tries another sneak roll-up for the pin but only gets two. Quickly gets drop-kicked for his trouble. Ziggler just smashing him now. Literally smacking him in the face. Open palm. Jackman is terribly awkward playing this up on the outside. Ryder battles back and gets a dropkick. The ref starts counting with both of them down. Ryder tries to get up using the ropes and Vickie Guerrero smacks him. The ref sees it and sends her to the back, as dramatically as possible. While this is happening, Jackman sneaks up and pops Ziggler. Ryder uses it to get the pin and the victory.

Cole turns up the cheese and says, "Ladies and gentlemen, that was a 'Real Steal' for Zack Ryder."

Oh, how I really hate him.

They watch the replay and Ryder and Jackman do the woo, woo, woo schtick.

Plug for the tag match main event coming up.

Commercial break.

Back and they've got a video package going for ... Jack Swagger? This is weird. They show Vickie watching it and Swagger comes in talking about how impressive it is. Tells Vickie he can make it possible for her to meet Hugh. Vickie accepts Swagger as her new client. Brief staredown with Ziggler as he walks away.

Cut to CM Punk and then pan over to John Cena. The fruity one says they're the new Rock N Roll Express. Cena says they've had historic battles. And they're a lot alike because they're always surrounded in controversy and having great matches. Ugh. He's not worried about tonight, he's worried about after tonight, where they'll make history again. Says he hopes Punk makes it there because he might get fired and that would be historic. Punk says it would be truly historic if Cena got fired because it would mark the first time the WWE champion got fired while he held the title.


Promo for Hell in a Cell.

Out come Miz and Truth with the goofy rap song. Miz looks like a complete douche bag singing along with him and bobbing his head. It's actually killing his heat, at least for me.

Commercial break.

Awesome Truth vs. John Cena and CM Punk -- Punk is back in the "Best in the World" t-shirt. By the way, his spot of yelling, "IT'S CLOBBERIN TIME" works horribly with his new entrance music. Cena out last to the biggest cheers. Now that Triple H is COO and slowly taking control within the actual company, I keep wondering when they're going to pull the plug on that god awful spinner version of the WWE championship. I know Triple H hates it so I'm hoping he finally makes a move and gets rid of the ugly thing. Merchandise sales be damned.

Miz apologizes to the ref for the match, Charles Robinson, before starting the match getting pounded by Cena. Punk tags in laughing and they actually do a spot with both Cena and Punk throwing Miz. Tag team work between the tag team that hates each other. Truth tags in with his pants that say "Shut up" on the back. I'll take a pair, please, thank you. Straight body slam from Punk, who tags in Cena. They work together to split Truth's legs. He crawls away to tag in Miz, which Cena lets him do while smiling.

Even in this situation, the crowd breaks into dueling Cena chants. You know the drill; one faction thinks he sucks the other thinks he's great. Whatever.

Commercial break.

Finally back from a long break and Cole tells us Miz and Truth are now dominating Punk and Cena. Which is great because we didn't see any of it at home. Miz doing his goofy bounce around schtick while his opponent his hurt. Reverses Cena into a neckbreaker that only gets two. Miz starts snapping on the ref a little bit Truth gets in the ring and gets in between them. Miz stops and drags Cena over to their corner before tagging in Truth.

Wait, Truth is now the voice of reason? The crazy man calling everyone little Jimmy and talking to non-existent people? That Truth?


Cena makes a comeback but he's still selling like he's hurt bad. Just setting up for the proverbial hot tag, which Punk is asking for like his life depends on it. Truth grabs Cena and works him over to the corner to tag in a now fresh Miz, who continues his horrific gimmick of bouncing around his opponent while he's hurt. God it looks dumb. Miz gets cocky and Cena responds with a sidewalk slam leading to both guys going for the tag. Miz gets it but Cena doesn't. Back to Truth working him over. Smacks him in the face and Truth gets a two-count out of it. Tags in Miz and it's more of the same. Cena shouts a spot to Miz that leads to a short comeback for him. Miz's mannerisms in the ring are annoying me more and more.

Misses a spot in the corner that allows Cena to get the tag on Punk to a big pop. He blows up both Miz and Truth, who was allowed to come in the ring for reasons we'll never understand. Tells us it's nap time and picks up Miz for the GTS. Suddenly Miz is okay and elbows him to death. Spot where he nearly hits Truth but just catches himself in time. Punk uses it to deliver the GTS and gets the clean pinfall.

Cena gets in the ring and raises Punk's hand. At this point Triple H's music hits. He comes walking out saying sorry to interrupt the celebration.

Says, "Punk ... good match. Miz, Truth -- you're fired." Then he walks to the back. They show Miz and Truth pissed and running to the back. All the backstage jobbers are sitting around watching the show. Miz and Truth attack Triple h as he's about to be interviewed and the jobbers intervene. Triple H tells them to grab 'em up and get them out of the building. They throw them out and show Triple H walking through the back to end the show.


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