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WWE Night of Champions results: Triple H pins CM Punk after interference from Kevin Nash, Miz and R-Truth

Photo via WWE
Photo via WWE

The main event of WWE Night of Champions 2011 featured COO Triple H making his in-ring return against everyone's favorite anti-hero CM Punk.

We knew Kevin Nash was going to interfere and that's exactly what he did. What we didn't know is that The Miz and R-Truth would make good on all their talk of the past few weeks by also interfering in the match.

It started out like any normal no disqualification match. Both guys set the tone early that it would be a brutal brawl with plenty of strong style from both of them. As the match wore on, we wondered when the interference would come and to our shock and surprise, Miz and Truth hit the ring first.

And then it turned into an overbooked mess.

Let's try to make sense of everything that happened after the jump.

Miz and Truth hit the ring and attacked both Triple H and Punk. After laying them both out, they picked up Punk and put him on top of Triple H, quickly telling the referee to count the pinfall. The ref, Scott Armstrong, was hesitant but counted. He got to two and a half before "The Game" dramatically kicked out.

At this point, both Miz and Truth turned their ire on Armstrong and assaulted him, deeming him a part of the conspiracy. As they were working him over, Johnny Laurinaitis made his way to the ring, calling out another referee as he came.

While this was happening, both Triple H and Punk recovered and sent Miz and Truth to the outside. Triple H then delivered the Punk to pedigree and covered him while waiting for the new ref.

Only as the new referee made his way down to the ring, Laurinaitis intercepted him and instructed him to tend to Armstrong, who was hurt on the outside from getting beat down by Miz and Truth.

Still with me? Good.

When Triple H became aware of this, he went to investigate just what the hell was going on and told the referee to get in there and count the damn fall. Of course, this gave Punk time to recover and deliver the GTS. Once he did so, Laurinaitis quickly instructed the referee to get inside the ring and count the fall for Punk. Which is what he started to do until Truth grabbed him when he got to two and a half.

Which made no sense because Truth had put Punk on top of Triple H just moments earlier. But whatever.

Punk then lays out Truth and climbs back in the ring to be greeted by a pedigree from Triple H. This time there's a ref to count it but Punk actually kicks out before he can get to three.

Laurinaitis, still on the outside, sees this and turns around and starts sending a text. About 15 seconds later the crowd comes alive and we see Kevin Nash walking through the audience and making his way inside the ring.

He attacks both Punk and Triple H. He sets up to deliver a jack knife power bomb to Triple H but Punk attacks him, which leads to his eating a powerbomb from Nash himself. He then went to the outside to set up the table to put Triple H through it but got hit with the sledgehammer, which allowed "The Game" to climb inside the ring to deliver the pedigree to a hurting Punk.







Get it? Got it? Good.

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