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Ring of Honor (ROH) Death Before Dishonor IX results and LIVE updates tonight (Sept. 17)

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A week before Ring of Honor (ROH) makes its television debut through new owners Sinclair Broadcasting Group, they invade New York City with Death Before Dishonor IX.

The promotion has a long history with the Big Apple and almost always tear the house down when they are there. Tonight should be no different.

Before the event starts, you can take a look at our preview here but don't forget that you can order the internet pay-per-view (iPPV) through so you don't miss one bit of the action!

We will bear witness to what will be the promotion's only third ladder match in it's nearly 10 year existence. The Briscoe Brothers look to put their feud with The All Night Express to rest and become number one contenders to the tag team titles. Also in action, two former ROH World Champions collide when Roderick Strong takes on Eddie Edwards to determine who is the best athlete in the world by taking part in the Ringmaster Challenge. will provide LIVE blow-by-blow, match-by-match coverage of ROH: Death Before Dishonor IX" below, beginning at 7:30 p.m. ET.

So kick your shoes off, relax, and shoot the sh*t with your favorite pro wrestling website! And remember to keep refreshing!!!

Full results and play-by-play after the jump!


Tommaso Ciampa and Rhino w/ The Embassy def. Jay Lethal and Homicide
Shelton Benjamin def. Mike Bennett w/ Brutal Bob
The Young Bucks def. Future Shock vs. The Bravados
El Generico vs. Jimmy Jacobs goes to a No Contest
Charlie Haas def. Michael Elgin w/ Truth Martini
Ringmaster Challenge: Eddie Edwards def. Roderick Strong w/ Truth Martini
Ladder War III: The All Night Express def. Jay and Mark Briscoe


What's up, Cagesiders? Sergio here providing the live play-by-play. Let's go!


Grudge Tag Team Match: Tommaso Ciampa and Rhino w/ The Embassy vs. Jay Lethal and Homicide

The Embassy is out in full force tonight, folks. Homicide is out first and references the beatdown Rhino gave him back in June. Lethal hits the ring and they brawl before The Embassy ducks out of the ring.

We're officially underway and it's Lethal and Ciampa in first. Lethal with a takedown and shows off his speed. Back to their feet and we get a "Let's go, Lethal!" chant. 

Wrist lock, Ciampa reverses with a flip, and get a headlock. Lethal tosses him to the ropes and Ciampa with a shoulder block. Ciampa bounces off the ropes, hops over Lethal but gets nailed with an arm drag and then a dropkick.

Ciampa tags out to Rhino but Lethal hits a Muta-style backspring elbow. Homicide tags himself in AND BUSINESS IS ABOUT TO PICK UP! Rhino with a press slam puts him in control but Homicide is able to nail a swinging neckbreaker. Two count for that one.

Rhino tags out to his partner. Lethal hits a stiff clothesline on Ciampa and tags out to Lethal. Hard European uppercuts to The Embassy members but ends up getting distracted by Rhino and gets sent to the outside. Homicide tries to help out but is stopped by the referee. Thanks to the distraction, Rhino is able to land an elbow to Lethal's back.

Back in the ring, Ciampa has a headlock and delivers a chop. Lethal shakes his head. Another chop. Lethal shakes his head. HE'S LETHALING UP! He delivers a chop of his own and it ECHOES. Another hard chop. Ciampa is able to tag out to Rhino and the man beast takes over.

Big belly to belly suplex from Rhino has Lethal hurt. Rhino sets up a Gore but Lethal sidesteps and hits a superkick. Both guys are hurt on the mat but are able to tag out. Homicide nails one suplex and seems to be going for the Three Amigos. Ciampa blocks it but eats an exploder suplex.

Rhino hops in but is promptly set to the outside. Homicide looking to go aerial but is stopped by Ciampa. Ciampa sends him to the ropes, Homicide ducks under, and DIVES TO THE OUTSIDE! SICK!!!

Jay Lethal and Rhino tangle up. Rhino goes for a powerbomb but Lethal reverses into a hurricanrana that spills them both to the outside. Inside the ring, Homicide goes for the Gringo Killer but Ciampa reverses into a powerbomb/backbreaker for the pin. Insane finisher.

Winners: Rhino/Ciampa via pinfall

Post-match beatdown from The Embassy until Lethal runs them off by swinging his belt. Good match with a clean finish to start off with.

Mike Bennett w/ Brutal Bob vs. Shelton Benjamin

Bennett getting flustered earlier by Benjamin and seeks refuge between the ropes. They lock up and Benjamin slaps on a headlock. The tag champ gets him to the mat and lands a knee to the arm and Bennett once again escapes to the outside. The crowd is definitely not behind Bennett. They're chanting that he sucks something but I can't quite make it out...

Benjamin with some chops and Bennett is AGAIN on the outside. "You're a pussy!" chant starts. Keep it classy, New York!

Bennett gets a headlock but is set to the ropes. Huge arm drag and Bennett goes to the outside again. "The Prodigy" seems to have spent more time on the outside than actually in the ring. Benjamin follows him but Bennett slides in. As Benjamin tries to get back in, Brutal Bob grabs his legs and Benjamin eats a dropkick through the ropes.

A side slam on the ring apron puts Bennett in control. Chin lock by Bennett as he digs his knee into the tag champ's back. Bennett sends him to the corner and there is a nice spot where Benjamin attempts to delivers two boots to Bennett as he rushes in but Bennett catches them. He swings Benjamin around to where he is basically sitting on the middle rope and then delivers a backbreaker.

Bennett still in control but Benjamin is able to reverse a suplex into a neckbreaker.

The two begin exchanging punches in the middle of the ring and Benjamin gets the upper hand. A back body drop, a Samoan drop, and a huge spinebuster lead to a two count for Benjamin.

Bennett nails a sweet backbreaker and takes over. Missile dropkick gets a two count for Bennett. Bennett goes for his finisher but Benjamin reverses into a pin for two. A HUGE release German suplex nearly gets the pin but Brutal Bob puts his protege's leg on the rope.

Brutal Bob then enters the ring and inadvertently leads to Bennett getting booted to the face! Paydirt from Shelton and it's all over!

Winner: Benjamin via pinfall

Future Shock vs. The Bravados vs. The Young Bucks

The Bravado Bros. are out first and everyone just about hates them. Future Shock out next and the crowd is definitely hot for them. Finally, The Young Bucks out last.

The Bravados are eager to get started and get the early upper hand. One of them gets sent to the outside and gets nailed with a plancha by Cole. The Young Bucks start the high flying early with a suicide dive dropkick and then a splash.

There is a ton of action going on right now, insanely hard to keep up. If you're not watching, you should be!

The Young Bucks take advantage in the ring and are landing some excellent tag team moves. A flapjack-type move into a Ace Crusher highlights the action. Harlem Bravado is able to take control with Cole from Future Shock also in the ring. A suplex from Harlemn gets a two count. Cole reverses an irish whip with a pin attempt and gets two.

Tag team move from The Bravadaos gets a two count but The Young Bucks make their presence known with an Asai moonsault. A suicide dive/Doomsday Device from the Bucks to the outside! 

Harlem is on the inside along with Future Shock and eats a Double Elimination for the pin!

The Bravados are eliminated!

The Young Bucks hitting both members of Future Shock with tag team moves and nearly get the two count with a modified spike piledriver.

O'Riley from Future Shock pulls off an awesome double dragon screw where he forces one of The Young Bucks to perform the move on his own partner. Fantastic.

All four men in the ring right now are they are hitting each other with superkick after superkick until O'Riley hits a HUGE clothesline.

The crowd chants "This is wrestling!" as each man recovers.

Future Shock setting up for a Hart Attack-type maneuver but Nick drops the top rope and sends O'Riley to the outside. Matt nails a rolling Samoan drop to set up the More Bang For Your Buck! Three count, it's over!

Winners: The Young Bucks def. Future Shock and The Bravados

After the match, Future Shock offers their hands but The Young Bucks blow them off! They really DON'T shake hands! Booker T and RVD were right about those scoundrels!

El Generico vs. Jimmy Jacobs

Sorry for the delay, folks, there was a baby situation that I had to deal with. Kids! Getting in the way of my wrestling!

Jacobs gets a spinning head scissors but Generico takes over. 

Hard elbow and a stiff chop from Generico leads to a bodyslam and standing moonsault for two. Chops against the ropes from the luchadore. Whipped against the ropes, Jacobs reverses and hits a couple of hard lariats and a neckbreaker. 

Generico whips Jacobs to the ropes and rushes in but is spilled to the outside. Suicide dive from Jacobs slams his opponent against the railing. Back inside, a suplex from Jacobs gets two. 

Generico reverses a neckbreaker and hits a spinning sitdown powerbomb for two. Generico lands another sitdown powerbomb-type move but only gets two.

Double-hooked suplex from Generico sends Jacobs to the corner. The luchadore rushes in but Jacobs leaps into a End Time! Generico lifts him up and over and Jacobs rolls him up for two. 

A cutter from the ropes gets a two count for Jacobs! 

Generico is able to get back in control and sets up the Brainbustaaaa but Jacobs fights it off. He sends Generico to the apron and SPEAR FROM THE TOP ROPE!

Back in the ring, Generico sets up the Brainbustaaaa again but Jacobs reverses with a tornado DDT!


He gets on the mic and starts insulting Jacobs and Steve Corino before the mic is cut off. ROH officials come out and try to lead Steen out but Jacobs jumps in the they start brawling. Steen hits  BUH-ROOTAL powerbomb on the corner of the ring apron and the ROH crew attempt to physically get Steen out.

Generico, still in the ring, hits a huge plancha on the group but Steen rolls inside the ring untouched. Cary Silken is now in the ring and he and Steen jaw back and forth. Steen grabs Silken and tries to set up a Package piledriver but is stopped!

Holy crap, this is awesome. Jim Cornette is in the ring, yelling at Steen and even threw a punch at him as he is literally carried away by the ROH crew. Ringside, Jacobs and Cornette are SCREAMING at each other.

Hot damn! And the show is only half over as we head to intermission!  

Match is a No Contest due to outside interference

Charlie Haas vs. Michael Elgin w/ Truth Martini

Haas is taking it to Elgin in the opening minutes of the match and hits a double underhooked suplex for two. Haas is sent to the apron and tries to springboard back in but Truth Martini grabs his boot and sends him crashing to the floor. Martini gives him the boots but Haas gives chase. As Haas turns the corner, Elgin hits a splash to the outside.

Elgin in control, hits a shoulder block from the turnbuckle and whips Haas hard to the corner. Elgin pulls Haas' arms back and shoves a knee in the back but Haas is able to get out. A couple of double clothesline has both competitors woozy and a third drops both to the mat.

Back on their feet and they exchange punches until Haas gets the upper hand and lands an elbow in the corner. Boot to the face and Haas hits to German suplexes. The third attempt is blocked with elbow shots to the head but as Elgin bounces off the ropes, he misses a clothesline and gets turned around for ANOTHER German. Another one sends Elgin flying across the ring. A powerslam gets two for Haas but Elgin recovers and hits a brutal clothesline in the corner.

Elgin hits a move for two but Haas is able to send him to the outside. A reversed irish whip sends Haas slamming against the guard rail. Elgin tries to take advantage but Haas is able to counter into a back drop across the rail. NICE!

Both back in the ring and on the top rope! Elgin hits a superplex and the ring rattles! Elgin covers for a two.

Elgin hammers Haas with elbows and bounces off the ropes but runs right into a boot. He's dazed but manages to hit an eziguri. He gets to the top rope for a moonsault but Haas hops up and hits a huge German suplex. A lariat seconds later gets the three count for the tag champ.

Winner: Haas via pinfall

Ringmaster Challenge: Roderick Strong vs. Eddie Edwards

They lock up early but neither is ready to open up completely. Wrist lock from Edwards gets Strong to the mat. Strong reverses and sends his opponent to the mat.

They try to chop but each misses and Strong rolls to the outside to compose himself. Back inside, the two go back at it and Edwards takes the early advantage. Edwards with a head scissors takedown and follows up with a chin lock. A forearm to the chest sends Strong to the corner where he eats a chop. He answers back with one of his own but eats another one.

Edwards whips Strong to the corner but Strong reverses and hits a kick that puts him in control. Strong taking it to Edwards, breaking him down. Boot to the throat in the corner isn't broken up until the referee's three count and Strong follows up by slamming Edward's head into the turnbuckle.

Hard chops from Strong send Edwards to the outside and the two go chop for chop. Strong slams Edwards against the railing and opens up with his hands. He rolls Edwards in for a two count and then slaps on a reverse chin lock.

Strong hits a huge side slam into a breakbreaker and Edwards is hurting. Strong continues to work Edwards over but he answers back with some chops. Strong hits an elbow and then another and then a roaring elbow!

Edwards finds an opening and hits a suplex and then a missile dropkick for two.

Edwards whips Strong into the corner but eats a boot on his way in. He recovers and threatens with a Backpack Stunner but Strong counters into a spinebuster.

Seconds later, Strong is able to hit a suplex release backbreaker for the three count and just like that, he's up 1-0 in the Ringmaster Challenge!

First Fall: Strong via pinfall

After 30 seconds, Strong begins the attack again and spits water in Edwards' face. Edwards in the corner and Strong is nailing him with some hard chops. An elbow later, Strong puts a knee across his opponent's back and chokes him along the ropes.

Strong slaps on a crossface-type submission in the middle of the ring and even gets a fishhook for good measure. Strong transitions to a Rings of Saturn-type submission but Edwards is able to get to the ropes.

Irish whip is reversed by Edwards and he's able to lift Strong up and slam him down. Strong tries to boot Edwards but he catches it, crosses over and slaps on an STF. Strong breaks the hold by getting to the ropes.

Sitting on the apron, Strong gets a back full of Edwards' knee. Edwards joins him on the outside and hits a knee straight to the jaw. Strong lifts Edwards up and and viciously throws him into a chair in the corner of the guard rail.

Strong sets up a chair and slams Edwards onto it, snapping the chair's seat on its hinges. He rolls him in the ring and slaps on a Lion Tamer but Edwards is able to get to the ropes. Strong drags him to the center and slaps on a Boston Crab but Edwards is once again able to get to the ropes.

Vicious elbows from Strong and then the two trade chops and then boots! And then elbows! Edwards bounces off the ropes and eats a stomach buster. Strong charges Edwards but the American Wolves member is able to reverse and slaps on the Achilles Lock! Strong tries to reach the ropes but Edwards drags him back to the center! Strong taps!!!

Second Fall: Edwards via submission

Thirty seconds later, Edwards splashes Strong on the outside as the Iron Man portion of the Ringmaster Challenge stars! Edwards is brutalizing Strong on the outside before rolling him back in.

A big kick across Strong's back gets a two count for Edwards. Edwards sends his opponent across the ring, they trade reversals and Edwards hits a huge powerbomb-type move for two.

Edwards to the top but is distracted by Truth Martini. Strong takes advantage and uses the top turnbuckle for a backbreaker! HOLY SHIT!

Strong is in charge in the ring now.

Strong slaps on a Lion Tamer but Edwards reaches the ropes and we have 10 minutes left. Pump handle backbreaker gets two for Strong. Strong sends his opponent to the outside and makes him eat a boot. Strong whips Edwards hard into the railing. Strong takes Edwards to the wrestlers' entrance and double underhook powerbombs him on the steel ramp! DAMN!!!

Edwards is barely able to avoid being counted out and Strong is beside himself. Two covers for two only serve to anger him even more. Strong tries to roll Edwards over for a submission but Edwards is able to fend him off. 

Strong tries to hook Edwards but is slammed into the corner. He gets to the top and Edwards nails three hard kicks and then a huge Backpack Stunner for two!

Five minutes left and both wrestlers are going at it. The action spills to the outside and Strong shoves Edwards' back across the apron. Edwards is rolled in and Strong goes to the top. Edwards boots him, climbs up and hits a superplex for two!

Three minutes left!

The two are trading pinfall attempts over and over for the next minute! Backslide from Strong is assisted by Martini as he holds Edwards foots down! First fall to Strong!

Edwards gives chase to Martini but gets caught with a sleeper hold as he gets back into the ring. Martini tries to hit him with the Book of Truth but ends up taking out Strong! Cross-legged suplex gets a three count!

15 seconds left...

5 seconds left...

The 15 minutes are up!

We have a draw!

But wait, Jim Cornette is walking out!

Cornette asks both competitors if they want to continue. Both say yes.

"We're not gonna give it five more minutes! If it takes all damn night, we're gonna get ourselves a winner!"

They are face to face now and start trading elbows and the hardest chops this side of Kobashi/Misawa.

Strong hits a huge knee but Edwards follows up with a big kick. Two count from a double underhooked suplex. Chop to the FACE gets another two. Edwards tries to slap on the Achilles Lock but is booted off by Strong.

Giant boot from Strong flips Edwards nearly out of his boots! Strong to the top, going for a top rope backbreaker possibly but is reversed into a hurricanrana by Edwards! High knee from Strong! Gut buster from Edwards! Sick Kick from Strong!

"THIS IS AWESOME!" the crowd chants! I'm inclined to agree.

Strong tries to hit a top rope move but Edwards is able to wiggle free and land two big kicks. Strong on the apron and gets STOMPED from the top rope by Edwards. Strong rolls back in and gets to his feet but gets stomped across the back!

Double powerbomb from Edwards gets a two count. Seconds later, Edwards hits the Die Hard -- a cross legged fisherman powerbomb -- and takes the win! 

What a great match.

Winner: Edwards via falls, 3-2

Ladder War III: The Briscoe Brothers vs. The All Night Express

Here we freaking go.

The four start brawling almost immediately with the Southern boys getting the upperhand. Titus slides a ladder in but eats a dropkick through the ropes.

Mark and Jay start double teaming King but he fights back and the action spills to the outside. Jay slams Titus into the guard rail and Mark suplexes King onto the floor. Titus eats a HUGE chairshot to the back. A table is set up and Kenny nearly boots Mark through but ends up running across and boots Jay into the guard rail. He runs back towards Mark but gets backdropped through the rable.

Mark and Titus going at it in the ring but Jay rolls to take the advantage for his team. Chairshot to Titus and they set up a chair between the top and middle turnbuckle. Reverse STO into the chair! Good god!

Titus is busted open huge and the Briscoes set up a ladder from the ring to the guard rail. Mark tries to backdrop Titus onto it but Titus avoids it. They brawl on the apron and Titus suplexes Mark onto the ladder! DAMN!

Titus splashes to the outside and the ANX take advantage. They set Jay up in the corner with a ladder in the most holiest of places and double dropkick it! Mark is dropped on the ladder again and Jay eats a springboard legdrop and splash while laying on a ladder.

The ANX drops a ladder on Jay's shoulders and run him into the corner! Oh, man. Mark is up and hammers King with a piece of broken table!

Jay is now busted open! And he is brutalizing King against the guard rail.Mark is busted open too! King bodyslams Mark onto the floor and springboards off the railing with a moonsault!

Jay and Titus are brawling near the entrance and Jay gets back to the ring to grab a ladder. He throws it onto Titus and then nails a suplex on the entrance ramp!

Jay sets up a ladder between guard rails and nails a legdrop while Mark and King brawl on the inside of the ring. King whips Mark, is reversed and takes a chair to the back as he bounces off the ropes from Jay.

T-Bone suplex from Mark and they set up a ladder in the corner. DOUBLE HIP TOSS ONTO THE LADDER!

Titus and Jay are complete bloody messes. Titus on the outside and the poor guy gets a ladder tosses onto him. The crowd is demanding that the Briscoes open Kenny up and they attempt to oblige. First, Jay tosses a chair into King's head. Then a dropkick with the chair. Then another chair toss. 

The set up the Spike Jay Driller but Titus shoves Mark off the top and through a table! Jay superkicks Titus off but King nails him with a chair!

The ANX set up a table inside the ring... Titus lifts up Jay for a powerbomb and King nails him with a springboard Blockbuster through the table! "Holy shit," the crowd chants!

Titus gets another ladder inside the ring and get nails Jay with a running boot in the corner. 

Titus sets the ladder up and starts climbing up but Mark hops to the top and dropkicks the ladder down. Mark helicopters the ladder and takes out the ANX and everyone is down but him. Mark pulls out a ladder that has to be 12-feet tall. The Briscoes set it up near the entrance.

This is ominous...

Mark is climbing to the top of the ladder. AND JUMPS OFF AND ONTO TITUS THROUGH A FREAKIN' TABLE!!!

Jay and Kenny back inside the cage and King tries to hit a death valley driver possibly but Jay elbows out. King sits a big spinebuster and climbs to the top. Giant shooting star press!!!

King sets up the ladder and begins to climb up. Jay is now back up and starts climbing the other side.

They start slugging it out at the top! King knocks Jay out and grabs the title shot!


Winner: All Night Express

A pool of blood is collecting under Jay's head and Kenny wipes his hand across his opponent's face and signs the title shot contract with the Briscoe's blood.

Fantastic event. 

If you didn't order it, get the replay immediately!

This is Sergio, signing off! Stay classy, Cageside!

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