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TNA Impact spoilers: Ric Flair and Sting have a bizarre match

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TNA taped its latest episode of Impact Wrestling this past Monday for the show that will air tomorrow night (Sept. 15) on Spike TV.

The majority of advertisement went to the first match since the last Monday Nitro in 2001 between Sting and Ric Flair with the stipulation that if the former wins, he would get a shot at Hulk Hogan at Bound for Glory.

Spoilers are making the rounds and they're interesting to say the least. For those that would rather wait until the broadcast, spoilers are posted after the jump.

Obviously a match between a 62-year-old man, Flair, and a 52-year-old man, Sting, is going to have its share of problems. One might contend that it shouldn't even be happening to begin with and one would find no argument here. Nonetheless, this is TNA we're talking about and well, these things happen in TNA.

As stated, multiple reports have surfaced online regarding the match and the many problems with it. The Wrestling Observer notes Flair suffered an injury to his left arm and Sting blew multiple spots:

Ric Flair suffered a left arm injury in his match with Sting at Monday night's tapings. Between the injury to Flair and Sting forgetting spots, this match is going to have to be cleaned up a lot in editing before it airs tomorrow night.

While that certainly sounds bad, it's not nearly the disaster a report from paints it out to be. Their report states that a correspondent claims there were fears that Flair was suffering from heart issues, which were apparently shared by folks backstage.

If this isn't enough to get you to want to tune in, then by god, what will it take?

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