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Report: Kevin Nash returns at Night of Champions ... just like everyone thought

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I debated whether or not to put "Spoilers" in the headline but let's be real -- we all knew this was coming.

All the signs pointed to it and now it appears to be so. According to the website we won't name, Kevin Nash is scheduled to return at Night of Champions in some capacity this Sunday, Sept. 18 in Buffalo, New York.

Nash was kayfabe fired on last week's edition of Raw with an article running on the WWE website two days later stating the company wished him "the best in all future endeavors." Nash fueled the flames a bit more by taking to Twitter to say he wouldn't be back in WWE because the two sides couldn't agree to financial terms.

This was all a work, and the big reveal will reportedly be on Sunday. The main event of Night of Champions is Triple H vs. CM Punk in a very convenient no disqualification match with the added stipulation that if "The Game" loses, he will resign as COO of WWE.

Don't expect that to happen. And now that we know "'Big Sexy" will be in the building, expect a lot more clarity to the storyline that showed so much promise at first but has since spiraled into a hot mess of garbage.

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