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On this date in WCW history: Curt Hennig turns heel at 'Fall Brawl' and slams cage door on Ric Flair's head

It was the nWo vs. The Four Horsemen on September 14, 1997, at the WCW "Fall Brawl" event from the Lawrence Joel Veterans Memorial Coliseum in Winston-Salem, North Carolina.

nWo consisted of Buff Bagwell, Kevin Nash, Syxx and Konnan while the Horsemen were represented by Chris Benoit, Steve McMichael, Ric Flair and Curt Hennig in a double-ring "WarGames" match.

In the final minutes, Hennig shed his phony arm cast, turned heel and slammed the cage door on Ric Flair's head. Video of his treachery, which took place on this date in WCW history, after the jump.

Below is slow-motion footage of Flair getting his brains scrambled, which aired the following night on Monday Nitro.

Any Cagesiders out there remember this classic turn?

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