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Smackdown spoilers and spoiler free preview for Sept. 16 show taped in Toronto on Sept. 13

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Smackdown, which will air this Friday, Sept. 16, 2011, from Toronto, Ontario, Canada, was taped tonight (Sept. 13), which means spoilers are available if you so fancy.

But first a short spoiler free preview:

  • Edge Appreciation Night is the theme.
  • Daniel Bryan vs. Sin Cara in the match they set up last week.
  • Beth Phoenix vs. A.J.
  • Sheamus and Justin Gabriel vs. Wade Barrett and Christian
  • The Great Khali vs. Heath Slater
  • R-Truth vs. Evan Bourne
  • The return of "The Cutting Edge" featuring Randy Orton and Mark Henry as guests.

Let's run down how the show played out with full spoilers (via after the jump:

-- Edge Appreciation Night kicked off with his getting some time in the spotlight to start the show. He got the full treatment from the fans in attendance before being interrupted by Cody Rhodes, who is still doing his bag routine. Edge dogged him before bailing, leading to a spot with Ted DiBiase laying Rhodes out.

-- Daniel Bryan def. Hunico Sin Cara via disqualification after Hunico went all heel on his ass. After the match, Mistico Sin Cara made his return and a staredown solidified their coming feud. Quick and painless or long and drawn out? Stay tuned.

-- Beth Phoenix def. A.J. Blah.

-- Sheamus and Justin Gabriel def. Wade Barrett and Christian. The babyfaces went over as Sheamus' big push continues. He's catching on, though, which would seem to justify it.

-- Great Khali vs. Heath Slater went to no contest after Jinder Mahal interference. That feud isn't lighting the world on fire and never will.

-- R-Truth def. Evan Bourne in a match similar to the one his partner Miz had with Bourne's partner, Kofi Kingston, on Raw last night. I guess that means "Air Boom" will retain the titles at Night of Champions?

-- Final segment featured a revival of "The Cutting Edge." Randy Orton and Mark Henry were the guests and, as has been the case for the past month, Henry destroyed everything and everyone and posed with the strap as the show ended. I will be absolutely shocked if Orton doesn't go over big at Night of Champions.

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