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WWE Raw results and live blog for Sept. 12: The go home show to Night of Champions

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WWE Raw is back tonight with another supposed "Supershow." This one represents what's known as the "go-home" show to Night of Champions, which takes place this Sunday, Sept. 18.

The crowd should be hot, seeing as the crew is in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada, but viewership will almost surely be down thanks to the increased competition with ESPN's Monday Night Football. It's a double-header no less, with the New England Patriots vs. Miami Dolphins and Denver Broncos vs. Oakland Raiders.

I'm almost sad to miss those games but duty calls and my hope is WWE brings some serious heat to lead us into the pay-per-view this coming weekend.

For what it's worth, my cable provider advertised Triple H vs. CM Punk before switching it to Triple H; CM Punk. Maybe R-Truth and Miz were right -- it is a C-O-N-spiracy.

Raw kicks off tonight (Sept. 12) at 9 p.m. ET, so come back and join us here at for live results and coverage of the show.


Broadcast is live, folks.

It's still being called a "Supershow," what with the "stars" from Smackdown coming over. All the big names are advertised for tonight. The broadcast comes in with Alberto Del Rio's music already playing. He's in the ring already. That spinner belt looks totally out of place around his waist. Get rid of that piece of trash already.

Ottawa crowd giving him the "WHAT!?!" treatment. Del Rio is pissed that John Cena gave him an Attitude Adjustment last week. Says he's the guy that took out Rey Mysterio and he also retired Edge. Beat CM Punk at SummerSlam for the belt and now he'll take care of Cena. Tells the crowd to stop making fun of him. Right.

Bret Hart's music hits and he comes out walking like he was in a motorcycle accident ... oh, wait. Cheap Canadian pop with "The Hitman." What the hell could he possibly have to say to "ADR?"

Calls him "amigo," for starters. Then says he's not out here to disrespect him. Up a little too late, Bret? Says Del Rio doesn't know what it means to be champion. Hart is pushing the same line as Cena, that Del Rio isn't a real champ because he won the title from a guy that was already beaten. Then completely blows his line by saying Del Rio is all style and no stubstance. Good one, "Hitman."

Del Rio tells Hart he's a former champion who looks like a bum and a homeless person. 1994 jacket, greasy hair, the full nine. HA. Del Rio says Hart looks like one of those illegal Canadians he hires to clean his house. "I'm the best there is ... not you." Just when he goes to "make an example" out of him, Cena's music hits. Oh, listen, they like him in the Great White North, too. Cameras pan to the crowd and the 8-year-olds are losing their minds. Everyone about the age of 12 looks stoic.

Cena comes out and starts putting over Hart being a WWE Hall of Famer. Oh geez. "I have no visual proof but it looks like Alberto Del Rio has finally grown a set of jalapenos." Good one, John. Wow, now he's still pumping the line that Del Rio doesn't know anything about the cars he drives into the arena. Even if that's the case, WHO CARES?!??

Del Rio throws Ricardo Rodriguez under the bus and says he'll make Cena pay tonight in a match. Cena pandering to the crowd again, calling them "special." You're the only "special" one here, John. Now he's saying Del Rio should have a match against Hart while Bret takes his jacket off and shakes his head yes. Never mind the fact that he can't get through an entire sentence without stumbling on his words.

John Laurinaitis comes out and sets up a tag team match. Del Rio and Rodriguez against Cena and Hart. I guess that's the main event? Wow. That entire opening 15 minutes was the worst television I've seen on Raw in weeks. Way to put your best foot forward with the first week of competition from the NFL, WWE. Huge fail.

Commercial break (thank god).

Dolph Ziggler and Jack Swagger vs. John Morrison and Alex Riley -- Tag team that can't get along against tag team that isn't really a tag team. Remember, Ziggler is the United States champion. Swagger tags himself in after Ziggler gets punked by Morrison and now Jack is getting tossed by Riley. They set up a spot with Swagger bumping Ziggler and Riley gets a pin on Swagger to give his team the win. Ziggler could have made the save but chose not to. Yawn.

Backstage for an interview with R-Truth and Miz. Triple H "granted" their request for the tag title match at Night of Champions against "Air Boom." Miz grabs the mic from Josh Matthews and they start walking through the back. Miz mentions the feud between CM Punk and Triple H. Ha. Miz says if Punk wanted to tell the truth he should change his name from CM to BS. Truth says he feels like Triple H made a good decision. Miz does the "really?" schtick and Truth gives him the old "Ninja, please." Crowd is dead for this. When Miz mentioned Punk's name, about 12 people cheered.

Miz and Truth make their way out to the arena to a complete non-reaction. This is a weird ass crowd. And this is in Canada. Promo falls flat with Miz saying "Air Boom" is going to get got on Sunday. That was rough. Crowd is still dead as hell.

Commercial break.

Miz vs. Kofi Kingston -- This is where they give us a preview of the tag title match this Sunday. Miz and Kofi should work a solid match. Truth ringside should be a riot. Big spot over the rope that could have gotten a guy hurt leads to an easy rest spot for a break.

Commercial break.

Back from break and Miz has Kofi in a sleeper. They show Miz hitting a neckbreaker and Bourne on the outside with the goofiest look of concern on his face. That was an LOL moment if there ever was one. Truth on the outside yelling at the crowd and generally being more entertaining than this match. Kofi hits a big spot on a reversal. Starts working his kicks. They blow a spot in the middle of the ring before Kofi hits a cross-body off the ropes for two. Miz's cradle gets two. Turns it into a backbreaker, looks for the neckbreaker but gets reversed into a two count. Kofi up top and gets racked on the top rope. Miz sets it up and hits the Skull-Crushing Finale for the pin. Really weak match. Truth on the outside was the best part about it.

Fatal four way match at Night of Champions between Ziggler, Swagger, Riley and Morrison. Vickie Guerrero protests this to Teddy Long, who set the match up. Kelly Kelly comes in saying Vickie shouldn't talk shit. Vickie says she could beat Kelly Kelly so Long sets up the match for tonight. Oh god.

They show Cena and Hart in the back chatting. No word on whether Hart blew his lines then too.

Jerry Lawler and a mystery partner against David Otunga and Michael McGillicutty later tonight. Hmmmm.

Commercial break.

They plug Smackdown featuring Edge coming back before returning to Raw. McGillicutty and Otunga in the ring bitching at Lawler for calling them boring. How could he say such a thing? Doesn't help that they were boring while saying they aren't boring. Lawler smashes both of them by saying McGillicutty isn't anywhere close to his father. Damn, Jerry, that's a little low. Otunga put himself over as Harvard educated as a lawyer. "Just what we need, another lawyer. You obviously failed your charisma class," replies Lawler. Just introduce your tag partner already.

It's the "Great White," Sheamus.

Sheamus and Jerry Lawler vs. Michael McGillicutty and David Otunga -- The heels open things up working over Lawler, controlling the pace of the match. Lawler quickly makes his comeback and tags out to Sheamus who is smashing McGillicutty. Does his chest blows through the ropes spot before the flying shoulder off the top rope. Sets up the Brogue kick on McGillicutty. Gets one on Otunga first, then hits McGillicutty. Doesn't pin him, though. Picks him up and gives him the Celtic Cross, then gets the three count. What the hell was the point of that? Otunga and McGillicutty buried like they stole something from Stephanie.

Plug for the "final face-off" before Night of Champions between Triple H and Punk.

Ricardo Rodriguez is in the back training for the big match tonight. Doing push-ups on his knees. Lame.

Commercial break.

What the hell? Cena and Hart make their way out to the ring for the tag match they set up to open the show. What the hell did they set up this match for with an entire 15 minute segment as the opener just to have it at the close of the first hour? I know the end of the first hour is a big ratings spot but come on now. Rodriguez comes out and introduces Del Rio. Promo spot for their match this Sunday. This crowd is acting like they don't give a shit about anything.

"ADR" and Rodriguez take forever to get down to the ring and climb in to get this thing rolling. Del Rio still acting like he's shit-scared of Cena. Sends Rodriguez in first against Cena. John takes his red shirt off and uses it like a matador's cape. Rodriguez takes the bait and they do a comedy spot for a few minutes. Good god, this is useless. It's also making Del Rio look like a big pussy leading into the match this weekend. He finally gets in the ring, gets in some offense before Cena starts tossing him. Just as he's about to get hit with the AA, he tags in Rodriguez, who takes the five-knuckle shuffle. ADR walks to the back while Cena tears up Rodriguez. Jesus christ, this is the biggest piece of trash angle I've ever watched. Oh look, Cena tags in Bret and he locks in the Sharpshooter. Rodriguez taps in a hurry while Del Rio looks on from the top of the ramp.

Why do I want to order the pay-per-view Sunday after that? Seriously? Cena grabs the mic and says he's going to take the title at Night of Champions. Yeah, we already know that, power ranger.

Hart's music hits and he poses for the crowd with Cena egging him on. It's in Canada, so fine, whatever.

Oh, man. WWE plugging the fact that they ran a Smacdown show just two days after 9/11. This makes me uncomfortable that they're taking advantage of this ... again. Cena is doing a voice over for a video package commemorating 9/11. That would be fine if they didn't open the segment trying to take credit for the first large assembly after the attacks. Ugh.

Commercial break.

Kelly Kelly vs. Vickie Guerrero -- Kelly does a spot where she slaps Vickie in the ass. Then Guerrero blows a spot before getting the stinkface in the corner. Booty poppin' and all that. Swagger comes out and slugs Ziggler, who accompanied Vickie to the ring. She gets distracted, which leads to a roll-up pin by Kelly. Huh? Why did she need to win via roll-up? She was already dominating. This is why I take bathroom breaks during this crap. Who's booking this?

Another plug for the WWE Network, which is still without distribution from what I hear. They rushed it and might end up looking like idiots. What's new?

Commercial break.

Oh my god. They're actually airing a video package of Triple H in honor of his return to the ring this Sunday against Punk. We need a video package for "The Game" like we need a blood transfusion with an AIDS patient. Pure ego move and makes me think Punk is going to get buried just like we all feared.

Backstage interview with Mark Henry. Tells Matthews to shut up. That earns points right away. Why did he smash Kane and a few other top dogs? Because he's been looked over for 15 years. Which is true in a way but also false. They pushed him about 12 times and he failed 13. Then they buried him about 15 times with some seriously closet (and sometimes not closet) racism. Plugs his "Hall of Pain."

Randy Orton vs. Cody Rhodes -- This was the main event on Smackdown last week and now it's simply a throwaway match on Raw. That's why the writers can't be trusted to merge the brands. Because of dumb shit like this.

Commercial break.

Back from break and Orton's music is still playing while he mugs in the ring. Rhodes comes out with the paper bag guys. This gimmick is getting him nowhere and he's reportedly unhappy with it because it's killing all his heat but they keep pushing it. He's right about it killing his heat. With this crowd, though, even Orton barely got a pop.

Shortly into the match, Henry comes out to the ramp. Orton grabs a chair from under the ring and Henry literally turns around and hauls ass to the back. That's the kind of heel I like -- the scaredy cat. ADR and Henry both running away from their challengers, Cena and Orton, at Night of Champions. No, it's not still 2007, despite the previous sentence.

Orton is working over Rhodes to the point of playing to the crowd while staring at the ramp. Henry comes back out, this time with a chair of his own. He sits down at the top of the ramp and they show a shot behind him. Bad move, considering how we can see Henry's ass hanging more than halfway off the chair. Dude is too big for it. Rhodes pops a distracted Orton with a big kick.

Commercial break.

Back and Orton is making his comeback on Rhodes. So we completely miss Rhodes getting offense in. Ah, okay, he reverses and now he's back to working Orton over. Camera panning over to Henry violating that poor chair just by sitting in it while Rhodes goes to work on Orton's shoulder. Counter from Orton leads to Rhodes laid out and Henry walking down to the ring with his chair. He stops just outside and sits back down. Orton with a scoop slam. Rhodes looks for his finisher but gets countered and the "Viper" hits the DDT off the ropes. Starts pounding the mat. Don't throw your shoulder out, Randy. Henry gets up like he's going to come in and Rhodes takes off his mask and hits Orton with it. Hits the CrossRhodes and gets the pinfall. Wow. Surprising to see him pinned headed into the pay-per-view. Henry comes in and nails Orton with the chair to the back. Demands the world heavyweight title and holds it up while Orton sells for him. This all means Orton is going to smash Henry at Night of Champions. He's got the better of Orton like three weeks in a row. It won't be four come Sunday.

Finally time for Triple H and CM Punk. I guess that's how they'll close the show.

Commercial break.

Re-air of Triple H firing Nash. Motorhead hits the speakers and the crowd doesn't seem to know whether to cheer or boo. That means the booking has been shit, folks. Michael Cole and Jim Ross actually do a good job of putting over the stipulations for his match with Punk at Night of Champions.

Punk's music hits and the crowd again seems split, trending more towards cheers. Let's hope he doesn't try to explain to us how he says whatever he wants.

Punk opens up and says the world is waiting to hear what they're going to say to each other. Punk, you don't need to keep stating the obvious. It makes you look like a donk. Says he respects Triple H for firing the charisma challenged ratings killer Kevin Nash. Likes but doesn't respect him. Punk is a great judge of character, he says, and he can just see Hunter's skin crawl every time they are in the room together. Says Triple H had a shit opinion of him from day one.

"That's changed a little bit," replies "Trips." Crowd laughs.

Stop it with those spots, Triple H.

Punk says that's the problem (and it is) and he's now dogging Triple H for being like Vince McMahon by saying main eventers have to be body-builders or they don't get a chance. Triple H starts naming guys like Shawn Michaels, Rey Mysterio and Bret Hart as non-body builders who were main eventers that won titles. All of which did steroids at one point or another to beef up. Triple H says Punk is using it as an excuse for his failures.

Triple H panders to the crowd. Says Punk doesn't need to worry about his opinion, he needs to worry about the WWE fans. We're back to the insider talk. Triple H says all you need to do to be a star is to get over with the fans. Which we know is only half true. But Triple H is making a strong argument here and that totally undercuts Punk's entire schtick. God, I hate this angle now.

Punk says since Triple H is listening to the audience, where oh where are his ice cream bars. Cole jumps in on commentary and literally says, "Is he serious?"

They are burying Punk, folks.

Punk goes all the way back to Survivor Series in 2006 when the fans were chanting CM Punk during his first pay-per-view match. Says he didn't get the chance to grab the brass ring and run with it. Would rather be hated for what he is than loved for what he's not.

Triple H tells him he had plenty of opportunity. Stop blaming everyone else. Maybe Punk isn't as good as he thinks he is and maybe he's not the "Best in the World." Oh my fucking god. Now Triple H is putting over John Cena. Says he came from nothing and made himself the biggest star in the industry. He's burying Punk with Cena here.




Yes, he is and this angle is gone. The whole thing they're going back and forth on is Punk complaining about not being over for the past six years and Triple H telling him that's his fault, not the bookers. Why are they making Punk look like a whiny little child here? Seriously, "The Game" is killing him right now. Just literally drilling him verbally in the middle of the ring.

Punk looks out of his element here and that's so, so bad. Punk still pushing his "quest for change" in the WWE and it won't stop until he takes Triple H out of his role as COO. Punk says he's not talking to Triple H as CM Punk anymore, he's talking to Paul Levesque as Phil Brooks. Uh-oh. Real names.

Shortly after he starts in with that, they cut his mic. Triple H gives him his and he starts talking into it before that mic gets cut too. Triple H gets a mic from ringside and asks what the hell is going on before giving it to Punk one more time and saying to go ahead once again.

Punk grabs it and instead of talking, clobbers Triple H with it. He walks out and the show ends.


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