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Sin Cara saga continues: Mistico making return to reportedly feud with heel Hunico

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As it turns out, the suspicions of wrestling fans the world over, including Sergio Hernandez here and Keith Harris alluding to as much, have been confirmed, as the saga of Sin Cara continues with news that Mistico is indeed coming back. And that's the reason Hunico kicked Daniel Bryan in the head after their match on Smackdown this past Tuesday (Aug. 30) to turn heel.

The short and sweet note from the latest Observer update:

Creative was told to turn Hunico heel because Mistico is coming back.

We've covered the Sin Cara saga extensively here on Cageside Seats and you can find more information on it here.

The WWE has put themselves in quite the pickle with this entire situation. Mistico came in to play Sin Cara and his natural charisma and ability in the ring got him over well with fans. His merchandise, which is insanely priced, is moving well and that's one of the key components in keeping any star around. But there were problems with him from the get-go. He was a bit of a diva backstage and the powers that be, as well as the rest of the talent, didn't much care for the way he carried himself backstage, like he's already a big star, when in fact, he's not ... at least not in WWE.

Then he got suspended for 30 days for a failed drug test and they brought in Hunico to continue the character. And that would have seemed to work out just fine if he had done a good job as Sin Cara, mostly because live audiences either didn't notice a difference, or simply didn't care either way.

Only, Hunico has about half the charisma of Mistico and he's come under a great deal of fire from Vince McMahon because his matches have been less than stellar. In fact, some of them have been so bad, they've had to do entire reshoots during taped Smackdown shows. If the WWE is to move forward with the idea of making Smackdown a live show on Tuesday night, his penchant for botching entire matches is not going to fly ... at all.

Once Mistico came off suspension, this should have been a non-issue, as he was allowed to return and work as the Sin Cara character once again and go back to being one of Triple H's pet projects. His merchandise is still moving well and his matches are much, much more refined. But, of course, the feeling was that he wasn't remorseful enough and his attitude hadn't adjusted enough to please the decision makers. So he was sent home ... again.

But, once again, Hunico hasn't stepped up enough for them to feel comfortable going along with his playing the character, so Mistico is coming back and Hunico is turning heel and guess what that means -- the feud we thought might happen is coming to be.

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