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Video: CM Punk talks match with Stone Cold Steve Austin, leaving and coming back to WWE and more

Topics covered in the video for those that can't watch for whatever reason:

-- He intended on leaving when his contract was up but came back to facilitate change because he wants the wrestling business to be alive in the next 20 to 30 years. At the rate it's going now, there won't be.

-- Maintains that most of the people who are in charge are out of touch, notably Vince McMahon who is too old to know what is and is not popular in pop culture.

-- He's extremely flattered by Stone Cold Steve Austin's comments that if he were to come back for one more match, it would be against Punk. Says he thinks the "Rattlesnake" can still go and whenever Austin is ready, Punk is too.

-- Says he feels responsibility to everyone underneath him. "I've got mouths to feed. Everyone else who's lower on the card, I take that as my responsibility. If I make more money, they make more money. If I sell more t-shirts, everybody makes more money. That's just the way it is and that's my responsibility."

-- Zak Ryder has the right idea but Punk wants him to step it up even more than he already has and says he still has a long way to go.

-- What was the thought running through his head when he was running up the stairs at Money in the Bank after he won the title and was leaving the arena with it? "Please don't fall."

-- Do you have any plans of stopping any time soon? "No. I'm riding this thing til the wheels fall off."

He toes the line throughout the interview of kayfabe and reality but it's the usual entertaining affair involving Punk.

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