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Melina not welcome backstage at WWE Raw last night

Melina Perez just can't catch a break these days.  Via 
<a href="">Wikimedia Commons user Tabercil</a>.
Melina Perez just can't catch a break these days. Via Wikimedia Commons user Tabercil.

Things just go from bad to worse for Melina Perez.  Having long been a heat magnet with WWE management for her strange behaviour on Twitter and YouTube, you would think that firing her in their annual purge of deadwood from their roster would be the end of her troubles with the company.  However, you'd be very wrong for thinking that, as Dave Meltzer explained on his fortnightly free Wrestling Observer radio show.  Instead of going home after being fired, she continued travelling with her boyfriend John Morrison on the Raw house show tour, which so irritated company bigwigs that they refused to let her into the building for their live WWE Raw TV taping last night.  They also scripted Beth Phoenix to make a snide remark about "being so sick of Divas ... making a mockery of the Divas division" and that there would be "no more splits", which was clearly aimed at Melina, given that her trademark entrance spot was to do the splits while entering the ring.  Wow, there's nothing classier than kicking a lady while she's down, especially one who seems so mentally fragile at the moment.  I hope Melina's got the message now that she's not welcome in WWE anymore and moves on with her life in a positive fashion from here.

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