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TNA: Hardcore Justice results and LIVE coverage

Total Nonstop Action (TNA) returns to pay-per-view (PPV) tonight with its latest offering, Hardcore Justice!

Headlined by TNA World Heavyweight Champion Sting taking on Kurt Angle, the event has each and every one of the promotion's titles on the line. will provide LIVE blow-by-blow, match-by-match coverage of TNA: "Hardcore Justice" below, beginning at 8 p.m. ET.

So kick your shoes off, relax, and shoot the s--t with your favorite pro wrestling website! And remember to keep refreshing!!!

Full results and play-by-play after the jump!


X-Division Championship title match - Brian Kendrick (c) defeated Austin Aries and Alex Shelley

Knockouts Tag Team Championship title match - Ms. Tessmacher/Tara (c) defeated Rosita/Sarita

Bound for Glory series match - "The Pope" D'Angelo Dinero defeated Devon

Knockouts Championship title match -  Winter (new champ) w/ Angelina Love defeated Mickie James

Bound for Glory series match - Crimson defeated Rob Van Dam

Fortune (A.J. Styles/Christopher Daniels/Kazarian) defeated Immortal (Abyss/Gunner/Scott Steiner)

Bully Ray defeated Mr. Anderson

Tag Team Championship title match - Beer Money (c) defeated Mexican America

World Heavyweight Championship title match - Kurt Angle (new champ) defeated Sting

Sergio here, let's get this party started right!

X-Division Championship title match - Brian Kendrick (c) vs. Austin Aries vs. Alex Shelley

Curtain jerkin', eh? Oh, how the mighty have fallen. The X-Division used to be what made TNA awesome. Now it's opening the PPV with only 10-15 minutes to work with.

A solid little ditty with a rushed ending that saw Spanky hits a Slice Bread #2.

And the burial of the little guys continues...

Winner and STILL champion: Brian Kendrick

Knockouts Tag Team Championship title match: Miss Tessmacher/Tara (c) vs. Rosita/Sarita

The champs are having their way with the chicas locas to start off. The challengers finally turn the tables as they cut Tessmacher off from her partner.

Tessmacher is a reference to the old Superman movies, right? I'm not crazy, yeah?

Fans start chanting Tara's name but she's getting stomped by the Latinas. She counters a double clothesline with a clothesline of her own and follows up with a gorilla press slam. Just like Warrior!

Tara unloads a Widow's Peak -- still one BAD ASS finisher -- on Rosita for the 1-2-3. 

And THAT is how it's done, gentlemen!

Winners and STILL champions: Miss Tessmacher/Tara

The Pope is with Borash in the back cutting a decent comment about how he wants to be pals with Devon but he's still gotta win or something? I dunno. The promo seemed pre-taped, they should have given it another take.

Matt Morgan is out to give special commentary on the Bound for Glory series match.

Bound for Glory series match: "The Pope" D'Angelo Dinero vs. Devon

Pope on the stick saying he respected Devon while the former Dudley circles around the ring.

Pope seemingly laying down for Devon, saying he respects him too much to fight. Devon -- stubborn as a mule -- refuses to take the easy points.

Oh, Devon, you will never change.

Ugh, I haven't seen Devon in a while. His forehead is starting to enter Abdullah territory with all the scar tissue.

Pope tries to get Devon to pin him but again, Devon refuses to play that mess. Slaps him across the face like a ho and they lock up.

Crowd is firmly behind Devon. That's the sort of respect you earn when you spend nearly two decades putting women and mentally challenged people through tables.

The two are swapping control back and forth. We're 5 minutes in and Devon works over the arm. Rest hold~! Can't blame the dude, how old is he now?

A quick look on Wikipedia shows he just turned 39 last week! Happy belated birthday, Brother Devon!!!

A lot of the action consists of moves off the ropes. 

Devon sends Pope into the corner but Dinero gets a boot up and takes control.

Dinero to the top and cross bodies the hell out of Devon for a two count. It's gonna take more than that to take out Mama Dudley's big boy!

Dinero drops the kneepads and charges Devon in the corner but stops about midway through the ring. He hesitates and Devon gets the spear for two.

A reversal roll-up leads to a Dinero win but he doesn't look happy.

Winner: D'Angelo Dinero

Dinero offers his hand but Devon blows him off. His sons in the front convince him to go back in and accept the gesture, which he does.

Freaking kids, always making you look like a punk.

RVD backstage with JB talking about his upcoming match with Crimson. Jerry Lynn shows up and says he will be in The Whole F'n Show's corner.

I smell something fiiiiiishy.

Video package detailing the Winter/James knockout.

Hot damn, Winter is foxy. Yum.

Knockouts Championship title match: Mickie James (c) vs. Winter w/ Angelina Love

Remember when Mickie James rubbed her hand on Trish Stratus' cooter and then licked it? That was awesome.

"Hardcore Country" gets the early advantage with a sort of standing Mexican surfboard. Winter goes to the outside and catches Mickie with a boot on the way in. 

Dropkick from James only get a two count. Winter is BACK on the OUTSIDE again! James is giving chase and ducks a clothesline attempt from Love. She comes back with a forearm to Love but Winter runs James into the steel post. 

James trying to make her way back to the ring but um, it's kinda hard when Love keeps kicking and stuff. This just isn't all that fair, I'm telling ya. It's basically two on one.

Finally, back in the ring, James is still getting pounded on by the beautiful, beautiful Winter.

I think it's more the accent that does it for me. That and European chicks will do ANYTHING. Or so I'm told.

Winter shoving her boot in James'  neck in the corner but James soon gets the advantage Thesz Press from the top rope has Winter reeling. Winter distracts the referee while Love comes in and delivers some kind of move but Winter can only get a two count.

James lands a tornado DDT and Winter rolls to the outside. Love is back inside the ring trying to interfere but James reverses into a neckbreaker.

Honestly, has anyone ever gotten a broken neck from that move? I highly doubt. Neck discomforter, I'd say.

Winter rolls in and GOES ALL GREAT MUTA ON MICKIE'S ASS! Winter wins, Winter wins!!!

Winner and NEW champion: Winter 

After the match, James is rolling around going nuts.

Kendrick backstage with JB but Aries interrupts. He claims that Aries didn't get beat, Kendrick and Shelley double-teamed and didn't get the pin over him so he shouldn't call himself the X-Division champion.

"Until you beat me, you're not the champion. Now go take a shower, you look like your homeless." Gold.

Bound for Glory series match: Crimson vs. Rob Van Dam

RVD should really stick to one genre of metal and stick with it.

He's a stoner that uses fantasy metal imagery but heavy metal music? PICK ONE ALREADY!

Dropkick to the knee drops Crimson but he comes back with a crazy lariat. Crimson in control with some high-impact moves.

None of RVD's usual offense is getting him anymore. He misses that top rope kick he always nails but misses. Crimson lifts him up and drops him down.

RVD off the ropes and counters with a kick. But wrestlers to their feet and RVD begins to take control. He hits a Five Star Frogsplash but Crimson kicks out at two.

RVD gets sent to the corner but Crimson eats a boot. He recovers quickly and nails RVD with a spear.

Crimson nails RVD with his powerbomb and goes for the pin but Jerry Lynn jumps in and breaks up the pin. The referee calls for the bell and awards Crimson the win!

Winner: Crimson

RVD and Lynn are in the ring and are beefing. Lynn saying he just wanted to help but RVD is probably to toasted to realize what's going on.

Crimson nails Lynn for his troubles and deuces out while the former ECW stars bicker in the ring.

I have NO freaking cool how this Bound for Glory series points system works.

JB in the back with Ken Anderson. Anderson calls himself an asshole. Says he's a good kind of asshole but Bully gives asshole a bad name.

Video montage about the Fortune/Immortal feud. 

Immortal (Scott Steiner/Abyss/Gunner) vs. Fortune (A.J. Styles/Christopher Daniels/Kazarian)

Remember when Scott Steiner looked like this?

Yeah, me neither.

Kazarian and Gunner to start with Frankie getting the upper hand.

Steiner in and he's throwing some weight around. Kazarian gets a pin attempt but Big Poppa Pump kicks out. Styles tags in and the two trade chops in the corner.

Now Daniels in and Steiner eats a boot. Steiner reverses and slams Daniels, gets a tag in to Abyss.


All heck begins to break loose and we see Styles and Kazarian springboard into the ring with dropkicks. Daniels with a two count on Abyss.

Daniels charges Abyss in the corner and gets slammed for his troubles. Daniels to the outside and Steiner whips him against the guard rail. Back in the ring, Gunner slaps on a headlock.

Daniels is getting slobberknocked over here. Immortal is just taking turns on the poor guy.

He avoids getting smeared in the corner by Abyss, avoids a goozle, and takes in Kazarian.

Frankie gets a two count on Abyss but Gunner breaks up the pin. Kazarian springs off the ropes and lands a tornado DDT on Abyss. Immortal on the outside and Kazarian planchas his ass out there.

Daniels and Steiner and Styles and Gunner are going at it until Kazarian rolls Abyss back into the ring. He tries to get in himself but Steiner pulls him down on the mat.


Immortal pulls out a table but nothing comes out of it... for now! Now they're working over Kazarian.

Abyss charges Kazarian in the corner, eats a boot. Charges again and Kazarian slips to the outside. He hops back over and DDTs Abyss.

Hot tag to Styles and that Florida boy is cleaning house!!!

Styles tries to get a Styles Clash on Abyss but instead gets goozled! He breaks free and GATOR KICK, GATOR KICK, GATOR KICK!

All six men are in the ring now. The referee is losing control of this match and you know what? I think he likes it. Little bugger.

Gunner and Daniels go through the table. The crowd starts chanting, "holy shit!" Really? That's all it takes now.

Styles springboards into a GATOR KICK and connects on Abyss and gets the three. That was pretty cool.

Winners: Fortune (Styles/Daniels/Kazarian)

Oh, there seems to be dissension in Immortal. Steiner and Gunner seem to be picking on poor Abyss. C'mon, guys, you know he means well.

They leave the masked monster alone in the ring to think about what he's done.

Bully Ray calls himself the biggest, baddest, roughest, toughest asshole in the wrestling biz. Roughest asshole? Doesn't seem like something to brag about.

Video montage about Bully/Anderson.

Lawdy, I would have Christy Hemme's babies.

Bully Ray vs. Mr. Anderson

Ray sneaks up on Anderson during his intro and then says, "Yeah, I know he's behind me" and nails him. Haha, nice!

Does the second "Anderson" right in Ray's face and nails him with the mic.

Anderson slams him against the railing, as they slowly make their way to the ring.

These two still haven't hit the ring yet, they're content to brawl on the outside. Anderson removes his shirt and chokes Bully with it before they finally slide in and make the match official.

Anderson doing some mudhole stomping in the corner.

Bully takes over with clotheslines and headbutts to the chest...? That's different. 

They're on their knees, slugging it out and Anderson gets the upper hand. Anderson gets him up on his shoulders but botches it and they fall to the mat.

Bully Ray is all screw this noize and starts to the back but yeah right, Anderson gives chase and send him back to the ring. Shenanigans ensue and Bully Ray gets a low blow and the pin.

Winner: Bully Ray

Backstage, Immortal is chilling out with Bischoff giving Abyss a piece of his mind. Bully Ray comes in wanting to brag about how he beat Anderson but Hogan no-sells that shit.

Tag Team Championships title match: Beer Money (c) vs. Mexican America

I miss Homicide.

Basic tag match formula to start.

Roode giving it to Anarquia but eats a clothesline from Hernandez. MA start to take over and do the usual evil foreign heel shtick. Tried and true, people! You don't mess with the classics!

Hernandez with a Canadian (or would that be Mexican?) backbreaker on Roode but the BM (tee hee) member gets free. He makes the hot tag to Storm who is beating the mug out of Anaraquia. Hernandez comes in and gets a belly kick for his trouble.

High impact move from Storm and he goes for the pin but Hernandez breaks it up.

Mexican America reverse their fortune and soon start to pound on Storm. But Anarquia climbs to the top and gets shoved off by Roode -- right into a Last Call superkick by Storm.

1-2-3. Nice little spot.

Winners and STILL champions: Beer Money

Kirk Angle is in the back with JB saying that this is the most important match to him and he won't lose.

Video montage for Angle/Sting.

World Heavyweight Championship title match: Sting (c) vs. Kurt Angle

Two trade arm wringers to start, Angle gets a headlock takedown.

Couple of arm drags from Sting into an armbar. Angle returns the favor.

Sting sends Angle chest first into the corner and kicks the back of the knee, dropping Angle to the mat. Does it again! 

Angle beings to open up on Sting, whips the champ to the ropes. Charges but gets sent up and over. Angle spills to the outside and begins grabbing his leg. Selling like a champ.

Sting runs Angle into the guard rail before rolling him back in. Angle attacks with a fallaway slam and favors his leg again. I am absolutely loving this psychology.

Camel clutch from Angle.

Backbreaker from Angle and a one count. Chin lock variation with Angle digging his knee into the small of Sting's back. Very nice. Two hard whips into the corner from the challenger but Sting comes back off the second and lays Angle out.

Both wrestlers on the mat.

Both back to their feet, boot to the gut from the champ and a DDT. Two count.

Belly to belly from Angle. Two count.

Angle Slam attempt countered and Sting sends Angle to the ropes. An elbow to the back is followed by an inverted DDT and a two count.

Angle with the German suplex trio and gets a two count.

Really good match so far.

Angle to the top rope, MOONSAULT, and it misses! Sting with an Angle Slam! IN YO' FACE! Two count!

Sting slaps on the Scorpion Deathlock!

Angle dragging himself to the ropes slowly and finally gets there. The hold is broken and Angle props himself up in the corner. Stinger Splash!

Sting goes for it again! Nobody home! ANGLE SLAM!


The crowd is freakin' dead. Assholes.

Angle goes shoulder first into the corner and gets nothing but post. Sting grabs onto his ankle and pulls him out and slaps on an ankle lock! Nice!

Angle gets out off it and puts Sting in a Scorpion Deathlock! Sting reaches the ropes!

German suplex from Angle. A second. Tries for a third but some elbows from the champion break the hold. Angle slaps on an ankle lock dead center in the ring!!!

Sting rolls through and gets the pin attempt! 2.999!!!

Thought it was over there.

Enziguri from Angle nails the referee and Hogan makes his way to ring with a chair.

Hogan was standing behind Sting, ready to blast him but Angle rips the chair from his hands and chases him out. Then Angle turns around and nails Sting in the back!

Angle Slam! 1-2-3!


Winner and NEW champion: Kurt Angle


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