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Will Mick Foley have one more match at WWE WrestleMania 28?

Dave Meltzer broke the news in his subscriber only August 8th Observer Newsletter that Mick Foley is in negotiations for his likeness to be used in THQ's next WWE videogame, WWE '12, and that both sides are open to the idea of Foley having a major match at WrestleMania 28 next year.  Apparently, Foley would like his youngest kids to have the opportunity to see him wrestle for WWE live and what better place to have what would likely be his last high profile match than on the show that his former partner The Rock will have his first match in seven years.

This news has been expected for some time.  I expected Foley to return to WWE in late 2011 when WWE took the highly unusual step to plug his latest book Countdown To Lockdown in return for being a vocal defender of Linda McMahon during her senate run last year, many months before Foley quit TNA over creative frustration, which made a WWE return even more likely.  After all, Foley doesn't like being without a regular pay cheque.

The pink elephant in the room is that Foley has been very open about the neurological problems that he deals with due to suffering dozens of concussions during his wrestling career.  Clearly he could safely work a match which required no bumps or hits to the head (like how Bret Hart's match with Vince McMahon was booked at WrestleMania 26), but given that Foley's last match with Ric Flair in TNA was his usual hardcore stunt show, I doubt he would hold back like Bret had to do for his own safety and WWE likely wouldn't try to stop him.  That would be a mistake that I hope Foley doesn't make.

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