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Video: Ultimate Warrior answers fan questions on John Cena, CM Punk and the pro wrestling business today

Among the things Warrior comments on during the video, which is part one of a series he's releasing:

-- Says he has it on high authority from someone close to John Cena that he's a huge Ultimate Warrior fan, even more so than he is a fan of Hulk Hogan but he won't admit as much because he works for Vince McMahon.

-- Calls his match with Hulk Hogan in WCW "the worst match in professional wrestling history."

-- CM Punk would never make it during his day for numerous reasons but to begin with, his tattoos. He never gives any other reasons for saying such a thing but I imagine his physique would be next on the list.

-- He makes sense for a bit by saying guys like Hogan, Kevin Nash and the like need to "pack their gear bags and go home" and let the young guys step up and see if they can't realize their dreams. Which, of course, they can't do while Nash and his buddies are clogging up the main event scene.

-- Claims he would make for a great heel today because promoters let guys keep their names and just build on their natural persona instead of assigning them gimmicks and characters. 

He's surprisingly candid at moments in this video and at some points downright, dare I say it, inspirational. I liked this quote: "Your first gut instinct on anything is the purest form of truth."

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