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Smackdown videos from Aug. 30 live 'SuperShow' in Wichita: Triple H vs CM Punk contract signing and more

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Instead of releasing the entire episode of Smackdown like they normally do, WWE has decided to give the live "SuperShow" from last night (Aug. 30) the usual treatment reserved for Raw. That means releasing a series of videos featuring condensed versions of all the night's events.

In fact, the only segment that got released in full was, big surprise, the Triple H vs. CM Punk contract signing, which also featured a Kevin Nash run in.

Also on the show, Randy Orton defended his world heavyweight title against Christian in a steel cage match, Sheamus had a meaningless match with Great Khali, Daniel Bryan and Sin Cara went at it and John Cena squashed Wade Barrett.

Videos included after the jump. For complete results and running live blog click here and for reactions to the show click here.

The Triple H vs. CM Punk contract signing with the Kevin Nash run in.

John Cena squashes Wade Barrett.

Daniel Bryan and Sin Cara have a solid match.

Sheamus and Great Khali have a meaningless match that actually ends up being somewhat entertaining.

Randy Orton and Christian (hopefully) finish their feud with yet another great match inside a steel cage for the world heavyweight championship. Mark Henry crashes the party when it's all over.

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