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Gregory Helms comments on Matt Hardy suicide note: 'Don't believe the hype'

Scream all you want, Matt, we're done listening to you.
Scream all you want, Matt, we're done listening to you.

Just a short while ago, embattled former WWE and TNA mid-card wrestler Matt Hardy posted an apparent suicide note on his Twitter, linking out to a YouTube video that can be seen here. In it he said the following:

"Goodbye, World ... My time here is Almost complete ... I only have a few Hours and minutes ... I loved you all ... Regardless of how You felt about me ... I'll miss you all ... Sept. 23, 1974 - Aug. 31, 2011."

Shortly after that, Beth Britt, wife of Matt's brother, Jeff Hardy, posted on her Twitter the following:

"When the cops show up to our house at 11 pm, for a 'suicide call' the fucking joke is over @MATTHARDYBRAND. Stop trying to work the Internet."

And, finally, weighing in on the subject was close friend of Matt's, Gregory Helms, who also took to Twitter to say:

"Don't believe the hype. And please don't bash me for it! I didn't do it, had nothing to do with it."

Here's what I will say about this. Matt Hardy making a conscious decision to "work the Internet," as Britt called it, by posting a suicide note when everyone and their mom is already extremely worried about his well being is the lowest form of gimmickry and the weakest attempt to gain attention for himself that I've ever seen.

And if this is really just a full blown work on Hardy's part, this will be the very last time he appears on Cageside Seats in any capacity, other than when absolutely necessary. I will not contribute to this man's self-destruction because he likes to exploit "dirt sheets" for page hits.

Newsflash, Matt: You have almost no affect on our bottom line. There are minimal gains to posting anything about you in the first place. Clean yourself up, get off Twitter and YouTube and get out of the wrestling business. We'll all be better off for it.

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