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The WWE Sin Cara backstage soap opera is set to continue

Ridiculous, but true.  Mistico has been sent home until he learns how to shake people's hands and acts like less of a star.  Via <a href=""></a>.
Ridiculous, but true. Mistico has been sent home until he learns how to shake people's hands and acts like less of a star. Via

The biggest news of the weekend was Vince McMahon's decision to put Hunico back under the Sin Cara hood, possibly for good, after the original, Mistico, had a very short-lived return at a few Smackdown house shows the weekend before last.  So what on earth has Mistico done in such a short space of time to screw up his second opportunity with the company?  The short answer is more of the same.  A fuller answer was given by Dave Meltzer in his radio shows over the weekend.  Here's a run down of the latest instalment in WWE's Sin Cara backstage soap opera and why this probably won't be the last episode of drama featuring Hunico and Mistico:

  • The fact that Mistico still hasn't been fired yet by WWE suggests that Vince McMahon is hedging his bets over whether Hunico can get as over as Mistico was in the role of Sin Cara.
  • The problem is that Hunico isn't as charismatic as Mistico, doesn't know how to carry himself like a star, has a much smaller downside guarantee (so he isn't paid so much that they just have to push him no matter what) and he isn't Triple H's special project with guaranteed protection.  Thus, it would be quite easy for someone like that to become just another guy on the WWE roster.
  • Moreover, Hunico has already come under fire from McMahon for his performance as the new Sin Cara, due to his match at last Tuesday's Smackdown tapings with Heath Slater being such a "ridiculous botchfest" that they were sent back to reshoot the finish and then again later in the night to reshoot the spots they got wrong earlier in the bout.  Hunico can't afford to be so sloppy that he makes Mistico look silky smooth in comparison, because that's a guaranteed ticket back to Florida Championship Wrestling for him.
  • For all these reasons, some people within WWE creative are telling Vince McMahon that Hunico will be the death of the Sin Cara character, something they wish to avoid as Sin Cara merchandise is already selling well with young kids (including masks for 75 dollars a pop).  In a fit of madness on Tuesday, Vince even dabbled with the idea of putting someone else in the costume.
  • WWE has six weeks to make a decision.  If they're going to bring back Mistico as Sin Cara then they need to do so before their tour of Mexico in mid October.  The fact that Rey Mysterio will miss that tour due to his recent knee injury may force their hand, because without him they can't risk Hunico being rejected as an impostor by the more savvy local fans.
  • One of Mistico's biggest sins seems to be that he didn't follow the WWE locker room protocol of introducing himself to everyone and shaking their hands when he gets to the building.  Tut tut, how rude!  Ridiculous as that may sound, not following that archaic ritual can kill WWE careers before they even get started.  The Young Bucks shouldn't have bothered turning up for their recent WWE tryout, their chances were shot as soon as Rob Van Dam gave them the rep of dodging veteran's handshakes.  In a predictable development, RVD's good friends Booker T and Goldust made sure to concur with his assessment via Twitter that they were a couple of disrespectful young punks and thus the Bucks could kiss their WWE chances goodbye.
  • More specifically, when Mistico returned for that house show run, WWE management were upset that he didn't come back humble enough and was still rubbing people up the wrong way with his cockiness and ego, so he got bad reports from the producers and was sent home again.  The reason for his persistent attitude problem may be that he's one of the few guys in WWE who isn't scared of being fired, as AAA are surely in his ear courting him, telling him he doesn't need to put up with WWE's political bullshit and he should return home where he'll be treated like the star he deserves to be.
  • It seems that being Triple H's pet project may have even bit him on the ass too, as many of the boys were all too happy to see the guy Hunter was so fully behind sent home for being a cocky prick.  Well, they'll never be able to see Triple H sent home, so this may be the next best thing.

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