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WWE Raw results and live blog for Aug. 29: The power struggle

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I like the direction WWE is going with Raw. While Cole is still there, at least he... well at least I can hear JR. Quite a few things have me excited to see what happens tonight.

One of the biggest items of interest tonight is the power struggle brewing between Triple H and John Laurinaitis. John pulled one of the old tricks in the book to get rid of Triple H for the night. Triple H will be angry at John and will want answers. 

John's partner in crime, Kevin Nash, will also be a major focus. The tension between he and CM Punk is growing. These two are on a collision course. They don't like each other and soon they will have to deal with their issues.

John Cena is going to continue to go after the WWE Championship. The champion, Alberto Del Rio, has to know that since Cena won his number one contender match, he will be ready. Cena has not forgotten the beating he received last week. Cena will be out for retribution and the championship.

I am most excited to continue to watch the rebirth of the tag division. Kofi Kingston and Evan Bourne are the new champs and soon they will choose a name. I haven't come up with any. The Miz and R-Truth are setting up to challenge for the tag titles. This feud has the potential to be very entertaining, in and out the ring.

Hoping for a good show tonight, Cagesiders. Join us in the comments section for the weekly live blog.


Triple H comes down to the ring to start Raw off tonight. From now on the Raw and Smackdown rosters will be mixed. Making this a super show. Didn't specify how long this will be. Next he want Kevin Nash to come to the ring and tell him why he lied to him. Instead of Nash, CM Punk decides to come out instead. He applauds Triple H after he gets in the ring. Tells him "Great performance but tells the truth". Nash comes out to the NWO music. He admits he lied to Triple H. He had his driver call and tell Laurinaitis he was in an accident. Keven tells H he wants to not only defend himself but Triple H and Stephanie have been insulted by Punk. Turns out Keven was signed last week. Lots of good comedy from Punk. Triple H  gets ticked off and now it's official Kevin Nash vs CM Punk at Night of Champions.

Now out comes Randy Orton, the World Heavyweight Champion, he will be facing Dolph Ziggler. Ziggler is the US Champion and he has been doing pretty well lately. Should be a good match.

Dolph Ziggler vs Randy Orton Randy Orton appears to be very focused before the match. They show a recap of last week when Dolph and Jack got into it. Randy in control early on, but Dolph hit a great drop kick to turn things around. Randy gets control and this is a good match. They go to break just as the match is getting good. Dolph is putting up some figCht. Dolph still in control as we come back from break. it appears the ring steps were used at some point. they show Jack Swagger back stage watching the match. Now Orton is in control and he lands a superplex for a 2 count. Orton is in his place and the match is getting close to the end. Vickie is looking so upset and trying to get Dolph to win. Crowd chants RKO. Randy runs into a super kick. 2 count. Randy get momentum going and Dolph counters a RKO with a sleeper. Randy still lands an RKO and wins. Winner : Randy Orton This is a must see match if you didn't see you you should.

Cena is about to do an interview backstage but decides he wants to do it in the ring.

Coming down from break, Cena is running down to the ring. The crowd does seem to like him more this week. After pandering to the crowd, he turns his attention to Alberto Del Rio. He is now ready to beat up Del Rio. Instead of Del Rio Mark Henry comes to ring. Mark Henry says he came down here to get him some. Things have changed in the last few months. He has destroyed many superstars. Cena will be next. Then out comes Christian. He acknowledges Mark but says Cena makes him sick to his stomach. As Mark and Christian go to destroy  Cena out comes Sheamus. Christian leaves and then Mark leaves also. Then John Laurinaitis and Triple H booked Mark and Christian vs Cena and Sheamus to be a match for tonight.

CM Punk vs The Miz The Miz has something to say before his match. He was speaking his mind before Punk started dropping pipe bombs. He want to win this match so he can get back in the main picture. Punk is not taking it easy on The Miz, they really seem to hate each other. These two are putting on a really good match. The Miz is spending too much time posing, he gets caught in a high risk move and CM Punk is making a comeback. CM Punk goes for the GTS but Miz counters in a reverse DDT. He even hits a Rick Rude neck breaker. The Miz is in control as they go to break.  This is only the second match of the night, but both matches have been good.CM Punk goes for the GTS and out comes R Truth. As he fights them off Kevin Nash comes down. Nash waits till he has numbers and he leaves Punk  with a jack knife power bomb. Winner CM Punk via disqualification

Sin Care vs Jack Swagger Jack is without Vickie  and this match already has a botch. While Dolph is punishing Cara, Vickie comes out to the ring. Dolph comes to the ring and causes a distraction. Sin Cara takes advantage gets the win. Winner : Sin Cara 

Evan Bourne and Kofi Kingston vs David Otunga and Michael McGillicutty WWE Tag Team Championship Seems like Evan and Kofi took the name Air Boom. This match goes about how you would expect. the former champions get a little offense and the new champs prove they are the new kings on the hill. David and Michael pick on Jerry Lawler after the match. Winners :  Air Boom

Kelly Kelly vs Brie Bella I am so sick of Cole ruining the show. During the match they show Beth Phoenix and Natalia watching the match. The Bella's win with twin magic. Winner : Brie Bella

They show a nice little Alex Riley video Package. I hope he doesn't get lost in the shuffle.

Inside out doesn't look as bad as I thought it would.

Mark Henry and Christian vs Sheamus and John Cena It will be Christian and Sheamus to start things off. Sheamus controls that as you would expect. Then Henry gets the tag in. Sheamus puts up a fight, but Henry is too much. Christian is back in now and this are going good. Then Cena comes in and as you would expect, they soon win Winners : Sheamus and Mark Henry

After the match, While Cena and Sheamus are celebrating in the ring they cut to the back and CM Punk comes into Triple H's office. It turns out Triple H will be fighting CM Punk and Night of Champions.

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