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WWE Raw preview for Aug. 29 show in Tulsa, Oklahoma

Photo via WWE
Photo via WWE

Tonight's (Aug. 29) WWE Monday Night Raw show goes down in Tulsa, Oklahoma, and will feature both the Raw and Smackdown rosters. WWE is heavily promoting its Smackdown live "Supershow" tomorrow night (Aug. 30), which is a hugely important occasion, as it could very well go a long way in determining if a move away from Friday night is in the cards. 

My hope is that they won't cross promote, so to speak, by making oddball matches between the big stars on Raw and the big stars on Smackdown. Unfortunately, this is usually the case when they do shows like this. But I don't want to see a mismatched tag team main event with Mark Henry and Alberto Del Rio teaming up against John Cena and Randy Orton.

As for storylines, here's what we hope to get a few more answers for tonight:

  • Kevin Nash costing CM Punk his match last week against John Cena last week. With Nash continuing to cancel future independent dates, it looks like we're in this thing for the long haul, folks. And we're getting closer and closer to a match between the two. Punk, good as he is, cannot carry "Big Sexy" to a pay-per-view quality match. I'm not even sure he could get a Raw quality match out of him. Nevertheless, it's coming and we all have to brace for it.
  • John Cena will presumably continue his feud with Alberto Del Rio while setting up an advertised match against Punk tomorrow night. Del Rio is also reportedly scheduled to defend his title against Sin Cara tomorrow night, so expect that to get set up in some way. One thing I noticed that I wanted to complain about for just a second here, though. Cena's problem with "ADR" initially, in the first promo he cut against him, was that he didn't win the title in an honorable way and he took advantage of an easy to exploit situation and basically stole the WWE title. Which is hilarious to me, considering Cena turned right around and "earned" his shot at that very same title by defeating CM Punk thanks to interference from Kevin Nash. Seriously, someone explain this to me. 
  • Finally, Triple H and Johnny Laurinaitis will hopefully have it out so we can get some more answers to the deeper questions revolving around the outside players in the Punk-Nash storyline.
  • Whatever they want to advance from the Smackdown brand will likely get some strong play, most likely Randy Orton vs. Christian tomorrow night. Again, it's entirely possible this show will end up being nothing more than a gigantic commercial for tomorrow night's live Smackdown show.

Tune in tonight at 9 p.m. ET as we'll be live blogging the show, as well as provide our usual recap and reactions to all the night's events.

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