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The Rock returned to WWE to kick John Cena's ass, not to become champion

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And he's sorry if he led you on that he would never leave the WWE again. That wasn't his intention.


The Rock had himself a nice little Q&A session on his Twitter page and of course, all the usual topics came up, most of which revolved around whether or not he wants to win the WWE title. I love that question because it means we all know John Cena will be champ come WrestleMania 28 next year.

Here's what "Rocky" said:

"A few years ago when Cena - inexplicably - started talking trash publicly, I knew then I could turn this into a massive main event. One that could elevate the WWE to unprecedented heights. The timing had to be right though. WrestleMania 27: for me and the fans - the time was right. The build to WrestleMania 28 will be like nothing the world has ever seen before. The match itself will be historic. I didn't come back to WWE to become champion again. I came back for these reasons: entertain the fans like no one else can. Elevate WWE to new heights never seen before Challenge and mentor some younger talent. Give the millions what they want which is to kick John Cena's f'n ass."

This is all in gimmick and more or less a stock answer to a somewhat silly question. Of course he doesn't want to become champion. That would mean actually having to stick around for an extended period of time and if anyone is naive enough to believe that was ever in the cards for him, I've got a bridge to sell you.

Speaking of which, he was also asked if he regretted making the comment that he would never leave WWE again during his big comeback promo. His answer shouldn't surprise you:

"I never meant to mislead or confuse the fans and I apologize if I did. The overall goal was to make a huge impact and elevate WrestleMania. Shoot my movie commitments, then return as soon as I wrap the film and help elevate the WWE and the overall business of professional wrestling. Survivor Series, Mania, etc."

At the least, he confirms that he will be back, in some capacity, at Survivor Series. But I almost feel bad for the poor saps who bought into his line that he was sticking around for good and even those that believed he would continuously make sporadic appearances for the next few years.

He provided one hell of a bump for WrestleMania 27 business earlier this year and he'll do the same for WrestleMania 28 next year. I'm interested to see how he's used at Survivor Series. I'm assuming he won't have a legitimate match until 'Mania.

The bigger question is how they'll fit him into the current storylines taking place on Raw. We know he's headed for a showdown with Cena and I don't assume they'll want either CM Punk or Alberto Del Rio to play the third wheel like The Miz did at 'Mania this year. Because we saw what that did for Miz's career.

Stay tuned.

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