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TNA needs to tell Jeff Hardy to stay at home and look after Matt

TNA's decision to call Jeff Hardy on Monday, just two days after his brother Matt was arrested for a DWI and fired from the company, and ask that he return to work at their next television tapings on Thursday was horrible enough.  Even though Jeff is still one of the biggest names in the business, how could they bring him back when he became so intoxicated during his last show with the company that he could no longer perform and still has his drug case hanging over his head?  

It would be one thing if he had made a real attempt to clean his act up and get his drug problems under control, but his con that he was staying sober was soon exposed by playing drinking games with his brother Matt for one of their now all too frequent really ill-advised YouTube videos.  Jeff has even refused TNA's own requests for him to go to rehab and it was depressingly predictable that TNA would eventually budge on this sticking point, but even I'm surprised at the insane timing of this decision.  

Their willingness to take a gamble on the most unreliable star in the business for a big rating in order to kickstart with a bang their three month experiment of taping Impact on the road has made themselves into the laughing stock of the business once again.  According to a text message Dave Meltzer received while taping his free Wrestling Observer radio show on Monday night, the whole WWE locker room were pissing themselves at TNA's latest example of complete mind boggling stupidity.

But this is not the time for laughter anymore.  It has long been apparent that Matt Hardy has had a serious drug problem that has been getting way out of control, but his most recent bizarre behaviour suggests that he has severe mental health issues too.  As David Bixenspan of Bleacher Report, who is doing an excellent job of covering this sorry state of affairs, bluntly puts it:

It's clear this is not going to end well and that it is going to end soon.  We just need to detach ourselves from it all and hope that he doesn't hurt anyone else in the process.

Perhaps the only person who could get through to him is his brother Jeff, but instead of being by his side after Matt checks out of the hospital, he's scheduled to be in Huntsville, Alabama, to tape an episode of Impact that will only momentarily boost TNA's precious ratings on Spike TV.

So it's imperative that TNA tells Jeff Hardy to stay at home for the time being and concentrate on looking after his brother Matt.  Even if we believe Shane Helms that "Jeff has everything together now" and he's ready to return to TNA, it would still be the wrong time to bring Jeff back when he's got such a pressing personal matter to attend to.  He shouldn't have to choose between his job and what's best for his brother's wellbeing.  TNA management needs to take that decision out of his hands and cancel his booking later today.  If they don't, then it reveals once again how morally bankrupt the company is.

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