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Matt Hardy reportedly rushed to hospital, releases bizarre video claiming ghosts to blame for car accident

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Embattled ex-TNA and WWE wrestler Matt Hardy is back in the headlines, this time for "falling at his home" and being rushed to the emergency room, according to the bloodhounds at TMZ.

Here's a bit more from the report:

Sources close to Matt tell us ... the ex-TNA star hadn't been feeling well ... but it's unclear as to what caused Matt to fall down.

So far, the extent of his injuries are unknown -- but a family member tells us Hardy is expected to be released from the hospital tomorrow.

This has very quickly gone from being a sad tale of a man who is clearly deeply troubled to a potentially tragic spiral of a human being's psyche into nothing more than madness and insanity.

Hardy is quickly becoming the personification of what can happen to a man who allows himself to get too deep into the pro wrestling business. It's a different world, one where normal men are asked to create gimmicks to be catered to the masses for entertainment purposes. They're told to blur the line between what is real (a shoot) and what is fake (a work).

Unfortunately, some of these wrestlers take this too far and let it spill over into their personal lives. It would seem clear Hardy represents one of the absolute worst cases of this, as he continues to make poor decisions that are spurred on by his desire to keep himself in the spotlight and fool as many people as he can into thinking something he's doing is real or legitimate when, in fact, it is not.

Before the story broke that Hardy had been rushed to the hospital, he posted another bizarre video on his YouTube channel in which he blamed a ghost, that has apparently been haunting his house, for his car accident and subsequent arrest just days ago.

I'm not making this up. It would seem he's literally working a paranormal activity themed gimmick in which his house is haunted by a ghost that is terrorizing his life. He started it off with a video his girlfriend shot and has continued it into the video I've included after the jump.

Not only does he look blitzed, which could be legitimate or could simply be a part of the work, but he ends the video by making a statement that acts as a possible precursor to this emergency room visit TMZ is reporting today.

I'll let you watch the video and draw your own conclusions with the facts presented and what we already know about Matt Hardy and his long history of mental instability but I would just like to say that this has gone beyond anything even resembling something to joke about or poke fun at. This man needs serious help and he needs it now.

Here's the video:

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