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WWE gets smart about Kevin Nash, introduces him to newer fans in YouTube videos

The best way that we can tell WWE is putting Kevin Nash in a prominent role on television today, and leading to a match against CM Punk, is that they're pushing him -- hard -- in as many videos as they can upload on YouTube.

One of them is the above video in which they're actually bothering to cater to the younger audience that has no idea who he is or what he's done. Which is good, because it was a big point of complaint in his return to a prominent role on television each week.

And if it wasn't already clear, it's even more evident that he's going to be featured plenty when looking at the rest of the blitz of videos uploaded by WWE. They all center on events and matches that occurred more than a decade ago, other than his return at the Royal Rumble this year for a cheap pop, a few moves and a quick exit.

After the jump are videos of Nash winning the Intercontinental title from Razor Ramon, his winning the WWE title from Bob Backlund in a squash match, and his showing up on Monday Nitro in WCW for the first time.

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