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Mick Foley in talks to return to WWE, thinks he still has 'a couple more big matches' left in him

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Mick Foley, no different than almost every famous professional wrestler before him, doesn't know when to quit while he's ahead. Actually, he doesn't know when to quit, period.

That's because he's once again in talks to make a return to WWE and he believes he's got a couple big matches left in him before he truly calls it a career. The former statement is all well and good but the ladder is especially alarming.

Here's what he said to WrestlingVoice about his talks with WWE:

"We've definitely been talking and it's just a matter of what's the best fit, how many days I feel like being gone. Unlike TNA, if you weren't on the show you weren't a value to the company. With WWE, there is any number of things I could do, so we're just trying to find out what we want it to be and how big we want it to be."

Foley was already in negotiations with WWE for his likeness to be used in WWE '12. That's no surprise and it's also not a surprise that if he were to head back to the company they would want to use him in a bigger capacity, one that would be mutually beneficial.

But that might mean a match at WrestleMania 28 next year and that's where the problem arises. Foley, despite well documented issues he's dealt with regarding an abundance of neurological problems, actually believes he still has a couple of big matches left before he's done.

Here's what he said about it:

"Maybe a couple more big matches. I'm starting to shed some of that extra weight so if and when I get that call, I can have a good match, maybe not a great match but maybe I've got a couple more matches left in me."

He's obviously underplaying his position here. After all, when's the last time you ever saw Mick Foley hold back in a match? Exactly. You haven't, and that's precisely the problem. He likely wouldn't hold back, not one bit, and that could only mean bad things, as he himself admitted that he believes he's had dozens of concussions throughout his career and he's currently feeling the effects of said concussions.

He's an obvious candidate for a big blowoff match with Undertaker at 'Mania next year and the WWE will surely exploit him, as they've done with so many others in the past, if he does indeed come to an agreement with them.

I don't like it. How about you, Cagesiders?

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