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Rey Mysterio confirms he will undergo knee surgery ... again

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In news that isn't surprising in the slightest considering all the circumstances surrounding the situation, Rey Mysterio has confirmed through Twitter that he will need surgery to repair his perpetually ailing knees.

"Need to have surgery again! Sorry4 the let down! Promise to make it back as soon as possible!Gonna miss what I luv most-ENTERTAINING U's!619."

What makes this a sad story is that for all intents and purposes, this could have been prevented. As I noted earlier on the site and Keith Harris expanded on earlier today, Mysterio was hurting for some time but not serious enough to require surgery and subsequent rehab to get him back to 100-percent.

They recognized and understood this going into SummerSlam and protected him by booking a last minute six-man tag match in which he was largely protected and avoided causing any more damage to himself. But as it turned out, that was done simply to preserve him for the next night on Raw in his home town of San Diego where he would go balls out against Alberto Del Rio in a WWE championship match.

Predictably enough, he blew his knee out, further injuring himself on a baseball slide and putting him on the shelf for a number of months to have surgery in an attempt to repair knees that have been broken down for years. The reality of the situation is that Mysterio is in his dying days as a performer and what really takes the cake is that he was never a big enough draw to justify letting him go out and wreck his knee just to pay off advertising his title shot rematch on a free show.

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