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WWE "Wellness" policy allows Rey Mysterio to work with a torn ACL and MCL

Rey Mysterio on a much healthier day, many years ago.  Photo via <a href="">static</a> on Flickr.
Rey Mysterio on a much healthier day, many years ago. Photo via static on Flickr.

My colleague Geno Mrosko a few days ago rightly took WWE to task for allowing Rey Mysterio to headline last week's Raw against Alberto Del Rio in his hometown of San Diego while nursing a knee injury resulting in him blowing out his knee and causing further damage.  As it turns out Geno may not have been harsh enough in his condemnation of the company.  Dave Meltzer in today's subscriber only Wrestling Observer Radio show reported that Mysterio believed he had torn both his ACL and his MCL before even SummerSlam had taken place, two injuries serious enough that it is reckless beyond belief to wrestle through them.  I think it may well be very optimistic that Mysterio will only be out a few months as originally reported and this could even turn out to be a career threatening injury, given that his knees were on borrowed time to begin with.

This raises more questions about WWE's Wellness policy.  Surely a policy purported to be for the health and wellbeing of their performers shouldn't clear someone to wrestle with such serious injuries?  Shouldn't the company's doctors have stepped in and saved Mysterio from himself, even though it would have caused WWE the major hassle of rewriting the scripts for SummerSlam and Raw at such short notice?  Similar questions were raised when it was revealed that John Morrison was allowed to return to action before his neck had fully healed.  Yet more questions will be raised if Kevin Nash passes his WWE physical at age 52 with well documented heart problems.  And don't get me started about the rumours that Mick Foley will have one more match at WrestleMania 28 in Miami next year.

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