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DVD video preview for 'The Top 50 Incidents in WWE History'

As was discussed previously in this post, the WWE video library is so extensive the best way to put it to good use is to release as many DVDs as they possibly can.

And this is what happens when they do.

The WWE YouTube channel is releasing short clips in preview of an upcoming release entitled "The Top 50 Incidents in WWE History." I'm as big a mark for a countdown style list as anyone, but this should really be good.

They kicked things off in the video above with the now infamous angle in which Snitsky kicked a baby into the crowd and scared the ever loving shit out of Lita in the process.

Two more are after the jump, including Big Show choke slamming Undertaker "straight to hell" and Edge spearing Jeff Hardy off a ladder. I can only imagine what else will make the cut. Anyone care to guess what number one will be? Triple H having mock sex with a mannequin, perhaps?

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