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On this date in IWA history: Bang! Bang! Cactus Jack wins the 'King of the Death Match' tournament

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The International Wrestling Association (IWA) gave birth to one of the goriest pro wrestling matches of all-time at "Kawasaki Dream" on August 20, 1995, when Mick Foley, billed as "Cactus Jack," survived three rounds of hardcore hell to win the "King of the Death Match" Tournament, on this date in IWA history.

Held at the Kawasaki Baseball Stadium, the eight man, single-elimination grand prix featured Cactus Jack, Terry Funk, Shoji Nakamaki, Hiroshi Ono, Leatherface, Tiger Jeet Singh, Terry Gordy and Mr. Gannosuke.

Cactus would compete three times, first defeating Terry Gordy in a "Barbed Wire, Baseball Bat, and Thumbtack Match" before moving on to beat Shoji Nakamaki in a "Barbed Wire Board Spike Nail Match."

Last but not least, the man that would become "Dude Love" outlasted fellow glutton for punishment, Terry Funk, in a "Barbed Wire Rope, Exploding C-4, and Time Bomb Match."

Video of their massacre after the jump.

Cactus Jack vs. Terry Funk in the "King of the Death Match" Tournament Finals (Part one):

Cactus Jack vs. Terry Funk in the "King of the Death Match" Tournament Finals (Part two):

I love how the crowd boos because neither man explodes when the time bomb detonates.

Whaddaya say Cagesiders, most gruesome hardcore match of all time? Or just another day at the office for Funk and Foley?

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