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The Wrestling Aficionado LIVE tonight (Aug. 18) at 9 pm ET

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Welcome to episode two of Cageside Seat's weekly live podcast "The Wrestling Aficionado."

We will go live tonight (Aug. 18) at 9 p.m. ET/8 p.m. CT on the dot, so make sure you join.

Topics of discussion will be SummerSlam, the fallout from RAW and where the company goes from here. We'll also take a look at pro wrestling's less than stellar history in race relations in a segment we call "That's Racist!"

Plus so, so much more in the hour or so when we invade your airwaves, it'll make your head spin. I even hear there's some kind of wrestling promotion in Orlando but those are just rumors for now.

And of course, you can join in the discussion by adding insight, asking questions, or talking trash in the comment section below. Just don't get too nasty!

Listen LIVE after the jump!!!

The Wrestling Aficionado on Spreaker

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