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TNA: 'Hardcore Justice' pay-per-view buys 'the same or slightly less than Destination X'

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Photo via <a href="" target="new">Impact Wrestling</a>
Photo via Impact Wrestling

TNA continues to falter under the weigh of its own creative direction, as more and more fans are distancing themselves from what the promotion is doing.

This can be evidenced, quite simply, by looking at the early estimates for the pay-per-view buys turned in by its latest effort "Hardcore Justice" on Aug. 7. Wrestling Observer has the numbers:

Based on early estimates, Hardcore Justice did the same or slightly less than Destination X, so probably in the 7,500 buy range. Pretty sad if you think about it because Sting vs. Kurt Angle was the main event and even in TNA, that was a match that at one point was good for 50,000 or so buys. And that's with a good final segment on the last show leading into the PPV. But they've managed to beat caring about the product out of almost all of their fans.

Indeed, TNA is desperate to stop the bleeding and one of the ways in which they are doing so is making yet another trip to the well and attempting to reincarnate a pair of feuds that were successful in the 90s but will fail, massively, in today's pro wrestling world.

As was alluded to previously by Keith, and I suppose I should warn you that this is a spoiler, the latest move by a creatively bankrupt booking team in TNA has seen the passing of the idea to bring back Ric Flair too early from his torn rotator cuff to set up a match between himself and Sting at No Surrender.

To make it even worse, current plans call for that feud to bleed over and Sting to take on Hulk Hogan at Bound for Glory in October. Will this result in an upkick in pay-per-view business? Sure, it will probably garner a few more buys than the pathetic numbers noted above but at what cost?

Things are not changing and it's only getting worse for TNA.